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a person who has epilepsy

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Results: Significantly elevated level of homocysteine was observed in epileptic patients on CBZ therapy.
The sample comprised of 45 diagnosed patients of epilepsy and 40 non epileptic by using the purposive sampling.
They also believed that as epilepsy can spread through blood; an epileptic person should not donate blood.
After an extensive investigation aiming at the precise localization of the epileptic focus, brain tissue that is damaged due to malformation, injury or other cause, is surgically removed.
JME is a common type of idiopathic generalized epileptic syndrome with a complex inheritance pattern.
Do you see Epileptic, for instance, as a series of albums or as a graphic novel?
KARACHI -- Public understanding about epilepsy is needed to be enhanced in the country where estimated number of epileptics is no less than two million.
The guidelines further clarify that infants delivered by epileptic women are at no higher risk of dying in the first month after birth than those delivered by non-epileptic women.
Two thirds of these epileptic patients were female (26/39), and the majority (67%) were between the ages of 21 and 40 years, as demonstrated in Figure 1.
Nurses who arrived for the following shift were not told of Jamie's epilepsy during a handover, and when one nurse found out he was epileptic she became side-tracked shortly afterwards, meaning Jamie didn't take his twice-daily epilepsy drugs on October 26.
The classification of epileptic seizures and epilepsies is a subject of interest in various medical disciplines (such as neurology pediatric neurology molecular biology and genetics, neurosurgery, pharmacology radiology, histopathology), and each of them requires a different approach in their practice.
There are two distinct neuronal hallmarks that characterize epilepsy: epileptic seizures and epileptic spikes.
Sarah, who had an epileptic fit, said: "I want to thank the boys and the driv-Sarah, who had an epileptic fit, said: "I want to thank the boys and the drivers.
After the transplantation we observed that the human neurons integrate into the epileptic brain," said Chung, an assistant professor at Harvard Medical School.
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