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loss of hair

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the act of removing hair (as from an animal skin)

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"Epilating allows you to reach all areas of the skin easily with the stretch of one arm, so the other hand can be used to hold skin taught to ease the pain some experience as they first start to epilate.
Fuzz Off co.uk "There are two main pieces of advice to reduce pain when epilating," Dr Kubicka says.
PAIN GAME WHEN hair is being pulled out from the root, as is the case with waxing and epilating, the process is never going to be pleasurable.
This epilator comes with a pre-epilation comb and large epilating head for legs and arms, as well as a small head for underarms and bikini line.
With the most effective epilating system on the market the epilator removes more hairs in a single stroke than any other epilator.
Attachments include a natural olive wood exfoliator to expose ingrown hairs and smooth rough skin areas, massage cap for a stimulating massage while epilating, and precision cap for the bikini line.
If it's not shaving, then there's waxing, plucking, epilating, lasering and threading.
This technology incorporates three epilating heads that also rotate horizontally to provide 360-degree epilation.
And this because of a bikini line not waxed or legs not shaven or a back not treated with epilating creams.
Shaving, electrolysis and epilating also irritate the skin but there is a solution.
Waxing, sugaring, epilating as well as using laser or light impulse to remove hair more permanently became more popular.