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Synonyms for epigrammatic

precisely meaningful and tersely cogent

Synonyms for epigrammatic

terse and witty and like a maxim

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A 2006 essay by artist Ian White gently chided what he saw as the default critical approach to John Wood and Paul Harrison's short, epigrammatic films and sculptures: a rush to immediate, endless comparison with historical examples of Minimalism, Conceptualism, process art, philosophy, absurdism, slapstick, and more.
Gore Vidal (3 October 1925-31 July 2012) was an American writer and a public intellectual known for his patrician manner, epigrammatic wit, and polished style of writing.
At certain moments, reading Gilmore's book can be dizzying; her readings of novels can be quite epigrammatic and pass swiftly from one narrative space to another.
e two young women, Gwendolen and Cecily, are played by Poppy Stahelin and Amy Harrop, who skillfully negotiate the endlessly epigrammatic dialogue of the characters, with all their eccentricities.
Eugene Louis Vidal, 3 October 1925--31 July 2012) was an American writer (novels, essays, screenplays, stage plays) and a public intellectual known for his patrician manner, epigrammatic wit, and a polished style of writing.
This intriguing, enigmatic collection is divided into three sections of very short pieces which have an epigrammatic or aphoristic quality.
Yet Skyhorse is a thoughtful, lyrical writer, and his memoir is filled with epigrammatic observations that keep his story from becoming a mere catalog of misery.
Discussion encompasses the role of sleeplessness in Flavian literature; Valerius Flaccus' Argonautica; Statius' epic poems, the Thebaid and Achilleid; Silius Italicus' Punica; and Martial's epigrammatic poetry.
Luiselli can be both lyrical and sharply epigrammatic, as when she writes: "The outcome of a long-awaited first meeting is often disappointing.
We learn that: "The effect of his epigrammatic lecture was somewhat marred by the Philistine demonstration of some of the well-Known 'docK boys', who promenaded the rear of the hall displaying gigantic sunflowers, tiger lilies, and SUCHLIKE, somewhat to that aesthetic gentleman's discomfiture.
Find in the formulas and anti-formulas of creation: counter poems; antithetic epigrammatic styles; parodies of expressions and places; proverbs; witticisms; aphorisms; sayings; judgments; cliches; grammatical structures and phrases through deturnari at a 45 or 90 grade or with the opposite sense at 180 grade.
Joseph Mulligan's translation is limber enough to capture the river-flashes of epigrammatic musings, but sturdy enough to contour the more sculptural pleasures of such pieces as "Vocation of Death," which reads like a lost page of the New Testament, where the liturgical repetitions of Vallejo's childhood inform the aesthetic.
The book has its origins in a PhD thesis, and this perhaps hints at some of the epigrammatic nature of its approach to evidence--the book as given reads like a wonderful assemblage of specific examples of the association between peace and 'kingship' in the early medieval West.
Enenkel argues that at the core of the epigrammatic enterprise is an effort to create a set of shared values between writer and reader, one that relies on wit and understatement.
and is written in various styles--short epigrammatic challenging and disturbing statements reminiscent of Nietzsche, snatches of remembered conversations and discussions, and (at times lengthy) poems.