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an inferior imitator of some distinguished writer or artist of musician

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Of particular value is the light thrown on the way in which post-classical authors, earlier dismissed as epigones, see themselves more as self-assured members of a long literary tradition, ranging back not merely to authors of the 'Blutezeit', but also to Greek and Latin.
He is the author of two books Robert Lowell: Uncomfortable Epigone of the Grands Maitres (2005) and Robert Frost's Political Body (2014).
But the film is also strongly reminiscent of Christian Petzold's Gespenster/ Ghosts (2005), and committed to an aesthetic that key Berlin School directors like Petzold, Christoph Hochhausler, and Thomas Arslan have moved away from in their last features, leaving us with the feeling that we are watching the work of an epigone.
Less distinguished person of a later generation (d) epigone 5.
After nine chapters, preceded by an introduction and summarized in a conclusion, she ends with an epilogue on a late fourteenth-/early fifteenth-century Chishti epigone Khwiija Gesadiraz (d.
In his final romance, he "fashions himself as the epigone of his own variant of American Romanticism that is characterized by a desire to contain the clash of religion with the 'secular' through an actualization of providential notions, as well as by the development of a literary moralism that explores and addresses the significance of the good life for personal identity" (267).
She finds an explanation for the paradox in the part played by Vulcanius himself in the composition of his legend, and in the nature of his scholarship and writing: devoting most of his life to editions and translations, Vulcanius defined his writing as that of an epigone.
The book thereby misses an opportunity to situate Locke not merely as an epigone of Dewey and James, but rather as their equal and most importantly, one of the founders of American pragmatism.
Thanks to the expert editorial work of Lise Leibacher-Ouvrard and Daniel Maher, Epigone, histoire du siecle futur is again available.
Michel de Pure's Epigone, Histoire du siecle futur (1659).
However, the organization of this study only partially reflects the stated intention of the author; namely, to establish the cosmopolitan, European culture of De Roberto as opposed to interpreting his work as a late epigone of regional verismo.
The nascent Czech modern literature wanted to shake off the role of an epigone of the German and Austrian literary movements.
Richard Wolin has selected four of his Jewish epigone, Hannah Arendt, Karl Lowith, Hans Jonas, and Herbert Marcuse, in his study of the schizophrenic partition that separated Heidegger's genius from common sense.
Yet, despite Schmitter's self-conscious quotation of nineteenth-century literary texts, which includes mimicking the realist convention of using first initials for place-names, Frau Sartoris is not the work of an epigone.
Admittedly, the aftershocks of Hegel's epigone, Marx, are still being felt in the political order, but among intellectuals, the brave few who still look up to him will soon be more concerned about leaky bladders and social security checks than about nuances of the dialectic.