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Synonyms for epidural

regional anesthesia resulting from injection of an anesthetic into the epidural space of the spinal cord

on or outside the dura mater


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Epidural anaesthesia has been associated with fewer postoperative complications and earlier hospital discharge.
In a recent trial, Accuro identified the appropriate epidural injection sites along the lower spine and calculated the depth to the epidural space.
Epidural pain relief refers to local anaesthetics and adjuvants injected into the epidural space.
The aim of the present study was to compare the effect of dexmedetomidine and fentanyl as an adjuvant to epidural bupivacaine in lower limb surgeries.
Veterinarians at the Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine Service at the Cornell University Hospital for Animals are investigating a prototype device that consists of an epidural catheter connected to an access port implanted under the skin over a dog's back.
Ropivacaine has been used in animals as epidural anaesthesia for achieving hindquarter analgesia in goats (Khajuria et al.
Medical R&D company Milestone Scientific Inc (NYSE MKT:MLSS) reported on Tuesday the receipt of marketing clearance for its epidural and intra-articular instruments and disposables in Australia.
Continuous epidural infusions (CEI) of local anesthetics with patient-controlled epidural analgesia (PCEA) is the most popular method of maintaining epidural labor analgesia in the United States (1).
We report a case of thoracic spinal epidural hematoma associated with acute hemiplegia, which was treated with decompression with 100% recovery.
This moderate exercise during pregnancy appears to markedly lower a woman's need for epidural pain relief when she delivers her baby.
Objective: To determine the clinical presentation and outcome of traumatic epidural hematoma in posterior fossa.
WASHINGTON -- Many women who underwent post-placental IUD insertion reported little or no pain, regardless of whether they had an epidural during childbirth, according to the findings of a small pilot study.
Objective: To determine the frequency of epidural catheter migration and its relation with duration in situ in patients receiving epidural analgesia during labor.