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an optical projector that gives images of both transparent and opaque objects

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Other highlights of the meeting were a demonstration of a commercial epidiascope (for projecting observations made on paper, onto a screen), which involved the President, Dr Gerald Merton and Mr F.
Rees' early lectures for the Society of Arts and Crafts of New South Wales were illustrated with the aid of the epidiascope.
Students pointed out the following 'wish list' in order to demonstrate their professional and behavioral skills in a more efficient way: Laboratories should have all necessary equipment; schools should have a fully-equipped technology room with overhead projector, epidiascope, computers and data-show, and the walls should be covered with all kinds of diagrams and other physics-related posters; class sizes should not exceed 25-30 students who are smart and willing to learn.
Workmen dismantling a wall in one of the buildings on the Queensgate campus found a display cabinet containing a wind-up gramophone and an epidiascope, an early type of slide projector.
For young Gwyn: an epidiascope, a pencil-box with a special hole for the rubber, a hoop and bowlie.