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* Although the majority of intratesticular masses are malignant, a possible diagnosis of various benign intratesticular entities, including lipoma, tubular ectasia of the rete testis, epidermoid cyst, hematoma, segmental testicular infarction, fibrosis and granulomatous orchitis, based on imaging features may improve patient management and decrease the number of unnecessary radical surgical explorations.
(10) These embryogenic cell-derived cysts can be classified as epidermoid cysts, dermoid cysts, neurogenic cysts, teratomas, and enteric cysts.
As a result, these masses are often mistaken for sebaceous or epidermoid cysts and are treated as such.
The most common choristomatous orbital cysts are dermoid followed by epidermoid cysts in both adult and pediatric populations.
According to these findings lesion was diagnosed as epidermoid cyst.
Epidermoid cyst of the scrotum extending into the true pelvis.
The most probable diagnosis was intracranial epidermoid cyst. Ommaya reservoir was placed into the cyst to drain the cystic component and external ventricular drainage (EVD) was performed.
Epidermoid Cyst. Epidermoid cysts (atheromas) are 5-10 mm, smooth, dome-shaped, yellow-white lesions located on labia majora and around the clitoris in middle-aged and elderly women (Figure 3).
The differential diagnosis of nonprogressive swelling can be congenital anomalies like cephalocele, dermoid, and epidermoid cyst. Rapidly progressive facial swelling includes pediatric tumors like rhabdomyosarcoma, Langerhans cell histiocytosis, Ewing's sarcoma, osteogenic sarcoma, metastatic neuroblastoma, and similar lesions, whereas slowly progressive facial swelling as presented in our case includes neurofibroma, hemangioma, lymphangioma, vascular malformation, and fibroosseous lesions.
14 Orcun Toptas, Ismail Akkas Mustafa Tek, Fatih Ozan, and Cetin Boran Intraosseous Epidermoid Cyst Associated with Impacted Mandibular Wisdom Teeth: An Uncommon Entity.
Differential diagnoses of a presacral cystic lesion might include rectal duplication cyst, dermoid cyst, epidermoid cyst, cystic lymphangioma, and anterior meningocele.
Main idea of report is to give insight that sebaceous/ epidermoid cyst may look like a cancerous growth or persist quietly for a very long period or is located in abnormal sites3.
Intramedullary spinal epidermoid cyst of the upper thoracic region.
Four of the included patients had a scar of previous surgery for a lesion diagnosed histopathologically as epidermoid cyst in three of them.
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