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Synonyms for epidemic

Synonyms for epidemic

a sudden increase in something, as the occurrence of a disease

Antonyms for epidemic

a widespread outbreak of an infectious disease

(especially of medicine) of disease or anything resembling a disease

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Inhibitory effect of selenite and other antioxidants on complement-mediated tissue injury in patients with epidemic hemorrhagic fever.
Unlike the plague that killed tens of millions in 14th century Europe, epidemic hemorrhagic fever is not transmitted between humans and carries about a 15 percent death rate, although both diseases can be transmitted by rodents and fleas.
The diagnosis and classification were made according to the standard adopted during the National Epidemic Hemorrhagic Fever Symposium held in Nanjing in 1986.
Additionally, Green Cross has successfully developed the first Epidemic Hemorrhagic Fever vaccine, the world's second chicken pox vaccine and Korea's first AIDS diagnostic reagent.
The epidemic hemorrhagic fever (the "Manchurian Bug") was almost unknown in Korea before the war.