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the innermost of the two layers of the pericardium

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According to him, good news is that conditions like heart failure, atrial fibrillation, ventricular tachycardia and oesophageal failure can be helped by the new epicardial technology.
Coronary vasa vasorum neovascularization precedes epicardial endothelial dysfunction in experimental hypercholesterolemia.
The term coronary artery anomaly refers to a wide range of congenital abnormalities involving the origin, course, and structure of epicardial coronary arteries.
The researchers used special software developed by Boston University's Center for Biomedical Imaging to calculate epicardial and periaortic fat and then analyzed stroke volume, end diastolic wall mass, and ejection fraction, as well as flow volume and peak blood velocity.
20) found that infusion of L-NMMA into coronary arteries of patients with normal coronary angiograms and no risk factors for coronary atherosclerosis (who were considered to be healthy subjects) reduced the epicardial coronary diameter by 14% and coronary blood flow by 19% (calculated from intracoronary Doppler flow velocity measurements and quantitative angiography; Fig.
the leading innovator in epicardial ablation devices, reached a key intellectual property milestone.
10 - electrodes for epicardial pacing Annex 10Task No.
Recently, We have found that purified hpsc-derived ventricular progenitors (hvps) can self-assemble in vivo on the epicardial surface into a 3d vascularized, And functional ventricular patch with its own extracellular matrix via a cell autonomous pathway.
Pathophysiologically, J (Osborn) waves are thought to be caused by differences in action potential characteristics between the epicardial and endocardial layers of the heart.
8) Furthermore, confirmation of block and mapping of arrhythmias via an epicardial approach when working alone remains limited and difficult, possibly leading to suboptimal results.
The assay was designed to have a precision 70% stenosis in any of the three major epicardial coronary arteries or a left main coronary artery stenosis >50.
Two types of fat surround the heart: Epicardial fat, the fat that directly covers the heart tissue, is between the outside of the heart and the pericardium, the sac that encases the heart, and paracardial fat is outside the pericardium.
Long-term self-renewing human epicardial cells generated from pluripotent stem cells under defined xenofree conditions," Nature Biomedical Engineering, 2016; 1 (1): 0003 DOI: 10.