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a vertical fold of skin over the nasal canthus

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Though 7.8% of normal children had epicanthic folds, 57.55% of karyotypically abnormal children had this feature.
He had a coarse face with hypertelorism, downslanted palpebral fissures, epicanthic folds and an upturned nose (Fig.
By this point in the film, it is clearly established that the Hamada brothers are of Asian descent: not only is their surname distinctly Japanese in timbre, but they also sport the Asiatic physical characteristics--especially straight black hair and eyes with visible epicanthic folds--that have become conventionalised in modern animation.
Some say the epicanthic fold that causes almond-shaped eyes in east and central Asian populations evolved to protect the eye from extreme weather conditions or high levels of ultra-violet light.
Physical differences would be apparent during the nurse's head-to-toe assessment of a person with DS, including a flattened posterior head, flat facial profile, small and low-set ears, low-set eyes which slant upward with epicanthic folds, flat bridge of the nose, a small mouth with a large and protuberant tongue, high arched palate, broad hands with a single crease, big space between the first and second toes, and often a low birth weight.
The dysmorphic features described in FVS consist of a prominent metopic ridge, thin arched eyebrows with medial deficiency, epicanthic folds, infra-orbital grooves, a broad nasal bridge, a short anteverted nose and a smooth, long philtrum with a thin upper lip.
For example, some Asians have the epicanthic eyefold, a wider nose, as well as shorter, heavier legs compared to some groups of Europeans (Hall, 1995; Kawamura, 2011).
protruding tongue, small low set ears, upward slanted eyes with epicanthic fold, short neck, short and broad hands, transverse single palmar crease, clinodactyly, a large space between toes (sandal gap), hypotonia and delayed milestones.
When long contact has existed between Caucasoid and Mongoloid groups, particularly in North Afghanistan among Tajik and Uzbek, red or blond hair, blue-or-mixed-eye combinations occur in association with epicanthic folds and high cheekbones.
Thus, for instance, in a racist society, where children born with particular racial markers--skin color, hair type, shape of nose and lips, presence or absence of an epicanthic fold, and so on--will have reduced life prospects, a proper concern for their children's well-being requires that parents work to mitigate the impact of racism by altering the child's environment, or by manipulating the genes associated with these markers, or both.
The question of his ethnicity only added to the puzzle: his narrow eyes displaying the epicanthic folds of an Asian man, his hair the coiled black curls of an African tribesman, his skin the pasty whiteness of a snowed-under Scandinavian.
(13) A simulation of epicanthic folds, a fold of skin extending from the eyelid over the inner canthus of the eye.
Some of the main features associated with Down's syndrome include: hypotonia, or reduced muscle tone, flattening at the back of the head, a flattened nose bridge, a small mouth along with an enlarged tongue, small and low set ears, broad hands with a single crease, a big space between the first and second toe, hyper-flexibility of certain joints, reduced birth weight and low set eyes, slanting upwards and with epicanthic folds, which is a vertical skin fold between the inner corner of the eye and the upper eyelid (Rutter 2002).
The epicanthic fold, imparting an almond shape to the eye, is common, and the nose bridge is usually low or medium.
But the black colour of their skin and the Negroid physical features of dark skin of velvety surface, closely curling hair, flat nose, thick lips, large clumsy feet and epicanthic fold belie their claim of ethno-Arab belonging.