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constituting or having to do with or suggestive of a literary epic


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I try to have a social life, I really do, but I epically fail at it.
com/warren-buffett-slams-donald-trump-tax-returns-khizr-khan-comment-2396846) outlandish remarks but for epically terrible movies he'd be best suited to star in.
While the house is epically gorgeous, that didn't change the fact that these sisters still share a room.
Hathor, incidentally, is described in the production notes as "the goddess of love, music and alcohol," which means that she presumably would be in a position to do something about Marco Beltrami's epically tumescent score, or at least to ensure that no one walks into "Gods of Egypt" without a beer in hand.
Thinking he could do so while coaching a team with national title aspirations looks epically misguided, at least in hindsight.
As a 30-year retired member of the Army Logistics Branch, I can honestly say without doubt that our Canadian Armed Forces has let the ratio of desk personnel in places like Ottawa's National Defence Headquarters balloon epically out of proportion to the frontline soldiers, sailors, air crew and the required support staff at the frontline bases across our country.
He then moves forward to tell a larger tale of bureaucracy gone epically awry--a story of city rebuilding strategies hatched and abandoned, of planning committees formed and dissolved, of political rivalries old and new.
But now Yoshi is embarking on a new adventure - in an epically colourful HD world made from yarn, cloth and textiles.
The epically titled 2015 works Two Teenage Boys Are Surprised to Find their New Female Friend Completely Sexually Available and Four Boys About to Become Teenagers Masturbate Together.
But radio sure did -- although a large part of the loss registered by the radio companies we follow could be blamed on an epically bad day for one stock -- we'll let you check for yourself which one.
As the reigning Hottest Bachelor for 2014 on People Magazine's list and the beau of one of Latin America's most talked about Latinas; Joe is epically qualified to get this event noticed and to turn the heads of attendees at an event for one of Mexico's #1 Female publications.
Across the globe, these heinous crimes are common, epically in third world, these countries Children on the street are beaten, tortured, sexually assaulted, and sometimes killed.
Because, sadly, there are so many epically bad apologies out in the world.
That year, they rallied from a three-game deficit to beat their arch rivals (think: Capulets and Montagues) in a comeback so epically cathartic that it surpassed fiction; one local athlete echoed a common theme when he told the Globe -- the Boston newspaper, not the theater in London -- "You couldn't write a better script.
Hilda is brave, resourceful, compassionate, capable of epically screwing up, and always does things with the very best of intentions; in other words, she's totally human.