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comm., December 2009) suggested that these triangular structures may represent abdominal gills of an immature animal, and that the posterior orientation of the legs, the squat stance (with the head, thorax, and abdomen all touching the surface), the presumed abdominal gills, and the elongate shape of the trace are strongly suggestive of ephemeropterans. He pointed out, however, that plecopterans and other insects, such as palaeodictyopterans, cannot be ruled out due to the lack of terminal filament imprints.
Nevertheless, all taxa relied heavily on ephemeropterans and may compete for resources at some level.
In addition, seven species (one pseudoscorption, one springtail, one bivalve, one ephemeropteran, and three caddisflies) are removed from the state list and a synthesis of new distributional records is added for two endemic gastropods, one endemic coleopteran, and one endemic amphibian.
There were no significant differences in biomass between benthic taxa (chironomids, trichopterans, amphipods, hirudineans, oligochaetes, gastropods, bivalves, ephemeropterans, and others) at the studied distances (one-way ANOVA, df = 6, MS = 1.8; F = 3.14; p < 0.001, post hoc comparisons, ns).
In general, ephemeropterans were often the most important food item for the lower embeddedness levels, while chironomids were the most important item for the higher embeddedness level, no matter how abundant or rare these taxa were.
Abundance of dipteran chironomid larvae, and ephemeropteran tricorythid and baetid larvae in darter diets varied significantly among riffles (Table 1).
High levels of zinc concentration in water are particularly toxic to many species of algae, crustaceans, and salmonids (Leland and Kuwabara, 1985) and have especially strong effects on macroinvertebrates such as molluscs, crustaceans, odonates, and ephemeropterans (Gore and Bryant, 1986).
Ephemeroptera recorded their complete absence at St III and IV while comparatively more density of ephemeropterans at St I (4.5 ind.[m.sup.-2] [+ or -] 10.71) as compared to St II (2.25 ind.[m.sup.-2] [+ or -] 7.46) was observed.
A greater supply of fine detritus, expected in areas of low turbulence, would explain the association with lower sites of Oligochaeta, ephemeropterans Caenis ludicra, Tricorythodes popayanicus, and Leptohyphes eximius collector gatherer taxa.
The bottle-traps sometimes caught other insects including bush crickets, cantharid beetles, ephemeropterans, plecopterans, tipulids and various other dipterans.
Ephemeropterans and Trichopterans are not usual prey items for eastern pipistrelles; however, they dominate the diet when they are found.
In August, hemipterans, molluscs, chironomids, and ephemeropterans together composed 69% of the stomach contents by weight.
These disparities were mostly due to large numbers of Ephemeropterans collected at Winous Point (a Lake Erie coastal wetland) in traps set at lakeside and in an adjacent diked coastal marsh.
Ephemeropterans were captured in relatively high percentage by Lacki et al.