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something transitory

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Ephemera is a deeply personal record for the band, charting the breakdown of relationships for singers Faye O'Rourke and Stevie Appleby, and for O'Regan, the death of his father.
The contributions to the ephemera special issue come from a range of scholars, some working in anarchist studies, others in CMS.
info/activities/projects/access_to_ performance_ephemera/links), and, in particular, the expanded list of digitization and cataloguing projects related to performance ephemera.
And the display of photographs, programmes, and other Everyman ephemera is on show until the same date this month.
As a commercial-art teacher at a high school, I have come to realize that our lives are full of ephemera.
The London Gazette's harrowing story of the September 5, 1694, inferno will be one of the star items at the Birmingham Book and Ephemera Fair.
Her monoprints from this series were inspired by the ephemera of day-to-day living and what's left behind.
2) A seminal text in the history of the emergence of 'printed ephemera' as a cultural category was John Lewis's Printed Ephemera of 1962.
11-20 in the Main State Exhibit Hall and feature thousands of used books, paintings, art objects, textiles, stamps, coins, postcards, CDs, DVDs, maps, ephemera and more.
The extensive Cardiff collection also includes tickets, signed shirts, cigarette cards and many more related articles and ephemera.
The culmination of bibliographer Roger Jackson's influential career, Henry Miller: His Life in Ephemera, 1914-1980 contains 832 pages of rare photographs, facsimile letters, publicity material, legal documents, broadsides, and other curiosities.
John and Heather Gilkes have had a sort out and created Ephemera - helpfully described on the exhibition invitation as "items designed to be useful or important for only a short time".
The multiyear global digitization project features a collection of rare primary source content, including newspapers, monographs, manuscripts, maps, and ephemera, from the "long" 19th century, ranging from 1789 to 1914.
Other lots include Boro programmes from the 1920s-40s, autographs, handbooks, 1966 World Cup ephemera, medals, badges and tickets.
A selection of ephemera, letters, and pieces by Tworkov's colleagues from this period will accompany his works, setting the art within its stoned context.