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something transitory

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Cosio cites the quality of the coffee from Ephemera Traders as unprecedented in the Philippines.
Collector's items are one of the specialisms at Anthemion Auctions, and as well as stamps, other frequent offerings include coins, autographs, sporting memorabilia, toys and ephemera.
Although the Karl Taylor comparison does not directly show the capture and processing of documents and ephemera, it is relevant as an indicator of quality.
The first ephemera emerge when the last of the wet snow has melted, and the trees are still without leaves.
Iain's works are a collection of collages and screen prints that explore pop culture, cinema, poetry and other printed ephemera.
Little Green Cars' second album takes its title from the WB Yeats poem Ephemera and it is fitting that the band play the event as Sligo is the spiritual home of the poet.
Let us start by saying that we are very glad that the ephemera special issue we edited has sparked debate.
The museum, which took Pamuk around a decade to build and that is situated in a late-19th-century apartment building, offers a tangible experience for the novel's fans through hundreds of objects and ephemera related to the characters and events detailed in the book, set during the 1970s and '80s in ystanbul.
A pristine David Bomberg Babylonian Talmuda cornerstone of the Valmadonna Trust Library, a private collection consisting now of more than 11,000 "early Hebrew books, manuscripts, and broadsidesan exhaustive array of Mishnaot, siddurim, Haggadot, alef-bet tables, and ephemera that includes rare items printed on blue paper, vellum, and silk"sold for more than $9 million dollars at a Sotheby's auction in New York on Tuesday.
Even within the 'genre' of the document, as she identifies it, her attention is not on the reified papers that have shaped human history, but on the mundane ephemera that is all around us, shaping our thinking, behaviour and labour.
Letter to a Future Lover: Marginalia, Errata, Secrets, Inscriptions, and Other Ephemera Found in Libraries provides an unusual literary focus on the slips of paper, highlights, inscriptions, and relics of book readers, and gathers seven dozen essays written in response to 'library ephemera', which is defined as personal and university collections.
Paul Banks drew attention to the revised WGAPE page on the IAML website (http:// www.iaml.info/activities/projects/access_to_ performance_ephemera/links), and, in particular, the expanded list of digitization and cataloguing projects related to performance ephemera. The group examined a selection of the websites and noted the different approaches adopted.
And the display of photographs, programmes, and other Everyman ephemera is on show until the same date this month.