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Synonyms for epanaphora

repetition of a word or phrase at the beginning of successive clauses


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Pound's rhetorical use of epanaphora begins soon after: "And Henri Gaudier went to it, / and they killed him," and "ole T.E.H.
To this end, the closing chapters of the book meticulously catalog Hobbes's employment in the Leviathan of the tropes of irony, sarcasm, aestismus (inherently ambiguous descriptions of adversaries), and diasyrmus (likening one argument to another of patent absurdity), as well as a host of figures of speech, principally antithesis, epanaphora, dubitatio, epanodos, percontatio, apodioxis, meiosis, litotes, and tapinosis.
Thus, Jarlath's thoughts on style and delivery; on brevity and plausibility; on epanaphora, hypophora and apostrophe; on legendary and realistic narratives; on the laws of nature, statute, custom, precedent and equity; on causes that are honorable, discreditable or petty.
Anaphora (sometimes called epanaphora) is used most effectively for emphasis in argumentative prose and sermons and in poetry, as in these lines from Shakespeare's Hamlet: "to die, to sleep / To sleep--perchance to dream."
1), though Campbell was able to find some theoretical rhetorical support for the resulting epanaphora (i.e.