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a decrease in the number of eosinophils in the blood

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The findings of our retrospective study suggest that eosinopenia accompanied with increased leucocyte and neutrophil counts, increased neutrophil/leucocyte ratio, and high total bilirubin level can be used as a predictor for perforation in patients with AA.
As such, eosinopenia is expected in a number of clinical conditions including bloodstream infections, viral infections, therapy with corticosteroids and catecholamines and physiological stress (16-18).
Os acaros do genero Demodex, quando em quantidade anormal, causam os sinais clinicos caracteristicos da sarna demodecica canina, como processo inflamatorio generalizado da pele, acompanhada de anemia, linfopenia e eosinopenia ou eosinofilia (1, 2).
Leucopenia, thrombocytopenia and mild anaemia may be present and eosinopenia occurs secondary to glucocorticoid action.
El hallazgo de la neutrofilia acompanado de la eosinopenia y linfopenia es muy representativo de un leucograma de estres y es esperable, dado que la manipulacion del paciente en mencion transcurrio con un moderado forcejeo que pudo influir en los resultados, aun asi, los tejidos inflamados presentados en el paciente mediaron igualmente el aumento de la linea blanca.
La eosinopenia no se documenta bien; en aves normales los eosinofilos perifericos son raros (27).
The classic clinical picture of kala-azar includes fever, cachexia, hepato-splenomegaly (splenomegaly usually predominates), pancytopenia (anemia, thrombocytopenia and leucopenia, with neutropenia, marked eosinopenia, and a relative lymphocitosis and monocytosis), and hypergammaglobulinemia (mainly IgG from polyclonal B-cell activation) with hypoalbuminemia [1,5].
Eosinophilia is a useful marker for infection and eosinopenia is correlated with a poor clinical outcome in fulminant infection.
Other consequences of glucocorticoid release, such as neutrophilia, lymphopenia, and eosinopenia (stress leucogram), could have developed by the time the blood samples were collected.
Stress-induced corticosteroids inhibit immune function further by also causing eosinopenia, T-cell blastogenesis, granulocytosis, and inhibited basophil, mast cell, and neutrophil function.
BRYANS (1955) studied horses experimentally infected with the incidental (non-adapted) serovar Pomona and detected leucocytosis, neutrophilia, eosinopenia, and lymphopenia, in addition to high serum bilirubin concentrations and albuminuria.
Durante los 90 dias del ensayo, si bien hubo variaciones significativas en algunos de los recuentos totales y diferencial de leucocitos, en ningun momento estuvieron por encima o por debajo de los rangos normales; estas variaciones pueden corresponder a un aumento leucocitario fisiologico por estres, que puede obedecer a causas fisicas, emocionales o inducidas por enfermedad; bajo estas circunstancias los cambios en los leucocitos se producen como respuesta a la liberacion de corticosteroides, la respuesta tipica se caracteriza por una leucocitosis, neutrofilia, linfopenia y eosinopenia y puede tambien presentarse una monocitosis leve (30).
Eosinopenia was first described in certain infections in 1893 and Bass et al reported a series of papers showing that eosinophil count often reduces in acute inflammation and returns to normal after recovery (35).