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a crude stone artifact (as a chipped flint)

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Frost's bifurcated traces of the bone and eolith are, similarly, a pair of dialectically apposed symbols of biological exigency and artistic making.
The absurd fun of speaking to a bone and eolith points to a necromantic performance that is more affirmative than elegy.
The unearthing of funereal traces, and the bifurcation of bone and eolith instead occasion Frost's defining the values of poetry while trying to choose (a characteristic Frostian act of self-definition) between biological necessity and aesthetic achievement.
In contrast to the ancient himself, the eolith the ancient bequeaths is only a text, an example of achieved form, but not a substitute for the personality that produced it.
Yet the relation between bone and eolith remains powerfully and positively charged for Frost.
By contrasting the bone and eolith as symbols of artistic transmission Frost can formulate a drama that reverses the tragic import of funereal traces.
Had Frost defined his ancient by the eolith alone he would have been proposing a more strictly aesthetic and historical idea of cultural transmission, the persistence of artifacts that are achievements of formal beauty.
Like Belzoni in the mummy-pits, the speaker in "To an Ancient" recuperates the pastness of his find by recognizing in the bone and eolith a person as monstrous as himself.