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the branch of biochemistry dealing with the chemical nature and biological activity of enzymes

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Hu, "Measurement of protein thiol groups and glutathione in plasma," Methods in Enzymology, vol.
Direct profiling of multiple enzyme activities in human cell lysates by affinity chromatography/electrospray ionization mass spectrometry: application to clinical enzymology. Anal Chem 2001;73:1651-7.
Many projects aimed at next-generation DNA sequencing technologies require substantial advances in a combination of fields such as signal detection, enzymology, chemistry, engineering, bioinformatics, etc.
Chapters contributed by leading scientists from around the world include subjects such as: Enzymes in organic solvents; modes of using enzymes in organic media; fundamentals of non-aqueous enzymology; new enzymatic properties in organix media; enzymatic resolutions of alcohols, esters and nitrogen-containing compounds; radioselectivity of hyrdolases in organic media; hydrolase-catalysed asymetric and other transformations of synthetic interest; peptide synthesis; productivity of enzymatic catalysis in non-aqueous media; large-scale enzymatic conversions in non-aquous media.
Cech is cited "of rhis revolutionary research revealing the enzymatic role of RNA and opening a new universe of research in molecular biology." Comments biologist Larry Gold of the University of Colorado, "He discovered something that changed everybody's understanding of enzymology as a protein-based system."
Through this strategy, it was identified that an orally bioavailable, potent and selective small molecule inhibitor of Btk which forms a covalent but reversible adduct with the enzyme as confirmed through enzymology, co-crystal structure analysis and mass spectroscopic characterization.
Among this year's topics are the genomic enzymology of antibiotic resistance, the evolution of sex chromosomes in insects, principles and mechanisms of protein homeostasis and the phenotype manifestation of genetic diversity, the challenge to understanding the genetics of arbuscular mycorrhiza, genome analysis in the domestic dog, and circadian control of global gene expression patterns.
Advances in enzymology and related areas of molecular biology, v.76.
In 1971, he joined the Department of Clinical Biochemistry at the University Hospital Charit6 and was supervisor of the Laboratory of Clinical Enzymology. After his postdoctoral lecturing qualification (habilitation) in pathobiochemistry and laboratory medicine in 1979, he had responsibilities for the Pathobiochemical Laboratory of the Department of Experimental Organ Transplantation and was afterward named head of that department.
Methods in Enzymology: RNA Polymerase and Associated Factors
The search for higher yielding varieties and species, better storage and processing methods and the means of meeting the nutritional requirements of a variant population has forced the area of enzymology into the spotlight.
Details about both devices are due to appear in the fall METHODS IN ENZYMOLOGY.
Robyt specializes in carbohydrate enzymology and teaches, consults, gives expert testimony and legal advice.