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His most embattled Everton wins came enwrapped in 4-4-2 and, here and now, he knew he had to give it a go.
The heart of the old town is filled with fountain and flower-filled plazas, ancient government buildings, churches, other structures enwrapped in history and 11 museums housing the saga of the city's past.
One bowed and graceful figure walked long and all alone in cruel, contemptuous lights of scarlet, until a swift, redeeming ray of white enwrapped her, and she raised her head and lifted up her hands and joined the others .
It is also necessary, however, that the work be reflected in social respect towards the efforts of the teachers, as well as in the setting up of the current system of financial support at the national and international levels in such a manner that this beneficial activity need not be enwrapped with other projects, which would in turn serve to "attract" the necessary finance.
Florisil was enwrapped with aluminium foil and baked at 250 oC for one-night.
Lastly, the Motorola logo on the rear is rather big and it is enwrapped in a metallic circle, reports (http://www.
In fact my village respondents territorialize and appropriate global influences but my city respondents not only territorialize but rather re-territorialize these influences by first appropriating them according to the Pakhtun cultural expectations and then re- appropriating the cultural expectations enwrapped in education and global media influences"further proving the multiaccentuated nature of globalization.
Yet, the more intensely they push against these boundaries and the more critically they disassemble these mores, the more they become conscious that they are enwrapped in them.
My 105-mm refractor at 87* shows a small, round, bright center and a fairly bright, oval halo enwrapped in the filmy gray mantle of a round outer halo.
The message of the tale seems enwrapped in an ability to hear and respond to the important messages of Mother Earth.
These relationships are enwrapped in complex hegemonies of gendered meaning and cannot be understood outside of social context.
In order to simplify his duties, his business and his life, a man must know how to disengage what is essential from the detail in which it is enwrapped, for everything cannot be equally considered.
I used to imagine that spiritual work was undertaken alone in a cave somewhere with prayer beads and a leather-bound religious tome, the holy one enwrapped in a mist of grace, mystique, and body odor Nowadays, that sounds to me more like a vacation from spiritual work.
The crowd carries this long cloth and finally, they all are enwrapped in the red-and-white cloth with only their raised fists visible above the material.