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seen in the mind as a mental image

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In addition to the envisioned world peacekeeping army, the Bush administration has proposed a "Proliferation Security Initiative" (PSI) that would include a multinational military force devoted to rolling back proliferation of chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons.
The vehicle is part of the Army's transformation, as envisioned by Gen.
One of many envisioned technological challenges involves developing a craft to land on Jupiter's volcanically active moon Io, where it would have to survive exposure to the intense Jovian radiation belts.
However, as a country in the northern part of Europe, it has certain disadvantages as a site for large new optical telescopes, even when, like the proposed Deutsches Groszteleskop (DGT) or German Large Telescope, they are envisioned as national projects.
Envisioned for 1993-95 launchings, the craft are considered to represent the first of four "cornerstones" identified in 1984 as the major items in an ESA plan for European space-science research through the end of the century.