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This study also included a national sample and an extra item on climate change to examine whether assessments were different for this particular environmental condition (Study 1).
Washington, May 16 (ANI): Bones degrade and fracture differently under certain environmental conditions like sun, shade or in water, concludes a new Baylor University study.
In addition, coverage can be provided for third-party bodily injury, property damage and cleanup cost claims, including defense costs, caused by an environmental condition at the insured property once it is in the lender's possession.
In the process of the Phase I ESA, a recognized environmental condition (REC) is uncovered.
With the exponential increase in technological and computational capabilities including molecular techniques, remote sensing technology, modeling and statistical sophistication, data management and storage, and internet communication, analysis of biological communities as indicator signals of environmental condition and change will rapidly advance.
Simply put, the process of assessing and mitigating the environmental condition of a property is daunting at best, and excruciatingly slow and costly at worst.
The 200-plus page report confirmed a Daily News investigation that the developer failed to properly inform the state Department of Toxic Substance Control and the Los Angeles city Fire Department about hazardous environmental conditions at the downtown site, which sits atop an active oil field.
The multi-disciplinary team used statistical analysis to look at environmental conditions at the time.
Minister for the Environment and Energy, the Hon Josh Frydenberg MP, has today advised me of environmental conditions to be placed on the proposed Western Sydney Airport.
Relationship of TLCV disease and environmental conditions were studied on five tomato cultivars.
Many environmental conditions elevate plasma corticosterone in laying birds, leading to elevated hormone accumulation in the egg.
This paper investigates the effects of environmental conditions during pregnancy on later life outcomes using quasi-experimental variation created by the immigration of Ethiopian Jews to Israel in May 24th 1991.
The fully-integrated device is said to easily adapt to the normal fluctuations of environmental conditions in a laboratory, and is said to be easily adapted to any testing machine on the market that uses a [+ or -] 10 v analog input (performance depends on the system).
The FNRC has ordered the suspension of all activities and moving of movable and immovable machinery of the company for breaching the environmental conditions and rules.
The US Army has awarded ITT Exelis (NYSE: XLS) a USD48m contract option for follow-on production of enhanced night vision goggles that allow soldiers to detect and identify potential threats in various environmental conditions during nighttime missions.
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