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This impasse was resolved when it purchased a fixed-site environmental liability policy, with coverage for the known and disclosed contamination conditions addressed by the NFA.
Naval Air Depot Cherry Point Environmental Management System Team (Edward Childs, Wesley Lamb, James Byrd, Billy Weeks, Andrew Krelie, Michelle Burroughs, Debbie King, Steve Adinolfi)
I was wanting the NIEHS to make sure that it doesn't appear to be another NIH disease institute, but that its environmental link is truly differentiated from the other NIH institutes.
in social history, opening up a fruitful dialogue with environmental history is a project that cries out for attention.
In total, the Environmental Affairs Department has reached out to approximately 200 auto shops in and around Pacoima and throughout Los Angeles, preventing polluted runoff and helping to make these businesses cleaner and safer.
Environmental remediation costs incurred by reason of a production activity must be included in inventory costs; see Rev.
The attention to the question of the environment in the AHDR is a part of an overall trend in the Arab world which has been emerging since the late 1970s to attend to the environmental hazards in the Arab world.
This book combines the appropriate regulations, procedures and concepts in one easy-to-use reference to help small and large printers find their way through the massive accumulation of environmental law and practice.
One way to teach environmental managers a multi-perspectival approach is through introducing the technical, organization, and personal (TOP) inquiry system, which can be applied fruitfully in many contexts (Allison, 1971; Linstone, 1984).
The handwriting is on the wall," says Peter Montague, the director of the Environmental Research Foundation and one of the authors of the "Wingspread Statement on the Precautionary Principle," drafted in 1998 at a groundbreaking environmental health conference in Wisconsin.
Won't more environmental laws make Brazil less attractive to some investors?
More than 50 environmental justice cases have been filed with the Environmental Protection Agency since President Clinton gave teeth to the concept in a 1994 executive order.
An Environmental Protection Agency document published in September 1985 found that volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions from beer fermentation were negligible.
The murder of Chico Mendes on December 22, 1998, in a remote section of the Brazilian Amazon, made inter, national headlines largely because of Mendes' connection to the global environmental movement.
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