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Evans has been impressed by City's table topping start to the season, but insists hehasn't watched on enviously after a potential recent move to the Etihad failed to materialise.
Southgate also looks enviously at the resources available to other national bosses.
Southgate also looks enviously at the resources available to other national bosses and hopes to see more England-qualified talent on show in the years to come.
Buster the boxer watches enviously as woodland animals leap on the trampoline that Bridget's dad has secretly built in the garden, The little girl wakes on Christmas morning and dashes outside to try it - but Buster gets their first.
ANKARA (CyHAN)- Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoy-lu said Turkish Red Crescent has improved so much and become so strong in the last 13 years that today everybody admires it enviously.
College staff in Scotland have been working under tremendous pressure for years, trying to make less go further, losing more than 130,000 students, while looking enviously at the funds showered on keeping university tuition free.
Possibly in a generation's time, when a German side brimming with naturalised Syrians wins the World Cup, while England, who are doing less than sod all right now, look on enviously.
DIGESTS War-hardened soldier Leo Demidov (Tom Hardy) is the man wielding the standard, cheered on by best friend Alexei Andreyev (Fares Fares), while cowardly comrade Vasili Nikitin (Joel Kinnaman) watches enviously from the sidelines.
Each judge had to whittle their eight remaining acts down to just three and the duo, both 24, were among those will now have to enviously watch on with millions of others from the comfort of their home.
But, if we lose the battle to bring HS2 here, we will effectively fall by the wayside and be forced to look on enviously as other northern cities prosper and flourish.
While Labour look more vulnerable than they did throughout 2011-13, the other parties must still look very enviously at their ratings.
Would you be amazed to be told Across from the Castle, lies a pot of gold For many a year, the total is six, Many hair and beauty students have learned their tricks With practical and theory, where standards are high Teaching professionals, on whom you can rely The only one in Wales; one of a kind The first in the town centre, a marvellous find The city's Design Academy has none to compare When it comes to the cutting and styling of hair If it's nails and beauty treatment you require Then visit us; and pamper your desires For the price of a meal, the result is amazing Hearing your friends enviously praising Done by students - well I must say I've not seen better from salons down the Bay
But after enviously seeing team-mate Nico Rosberg triumph twice this year, Hamilton finally clinched his maiden win for Mercedes on Sunday in Hungary and Brawn now believes his fellow Briton has silenced a few of his critics.
For years, disability insurers have talked enviously of the success Aflac has had with using its spokesduck to promote the need for supplemental health benefits and accident insurance.
Many men of advancing years and expanding waistlines can only look on enviously as the dad-of-two manages to remain a catch well into middle age.