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causing envy

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He had a long and enviable list of triumphs to narrate, and though they took leave not to believe all he said, evidence forced them to acknowledge that he did not altogether lie.
D'Artagnan waited, walking about the corridor in no enviable mood.
Favored by fortune in the matter of money, was this enviable person possessed of beauty as well?
Enviable woman!" He paused once more--surprised and puzzled this time.
He was asked derisively what he thought of the circumstances under which the Countess had become engaged to be married; and he made the characteristic answer, that he thought the circumstances highly creditable to both parties, and that he looked on the lady's future husband as a most enviable man.
Except that I still had some trouble with my wound, behold me now to all appearance one of the most enviable of existing mortals; promoted to the position of a wealthy gentleman; possessor of a house in London and of a country-seat in Perthshire; and, nevertheless, at twenty-three years of age, one of the most miserable men living!
Not so as entirely the wrong sort of people have been attracted by the current enviable terms and conditions of employment.
But where once she was content with this seemingly enviable world, Pippa finds her life beginning to unravel.
"TA has an enviable record of helping profitable companies accelerate growth, and we will leverage their proven industry and investment expertise to continue seeking new growth opportunities," said Dan Costa, CEO of 5.11 Tactical.
Add another enviable distinction to the resume of the world's most famous office building.
Ascot Chief Executive Martin Reith cited in a statement Dearlove's communications skills and his "enviable network of contacts and vast management experience from his time in the intelligence service during which time he rose to the very top."
While this certainly places the institution in an enviable position, gauging from the reaction from prospective parents and students, our success can be a bit daunting to their hopes for acceptance.
"The opportunities for the church are enormous and its energy is enviable; but its capacity needs urgent building."
Wu handles the shift from sentimentality to annoyance to lust and back to annoyance with enviable aplomb and not a small amount of humor.
Despite all the residential real estate downtown, two underlying trends bolster Sarasota-Manatee's position: population growth and Sarasota-Bradenton's enviable 13 percent job growth over three years, well above the national average of 2.4 percent.