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  • verb

Synonyms for envenom

to have a destructive effect on

Synonyms for envenom

cause to be bitter or resentful

add poison to


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Envenomed muscle within such tight fascial compartments results in ischaemia.
Whilst containing traces of his earlier allegorical works, the envenomed and unflinching nature of Cole's post-revolution cartoons suggests a radicalisation of his politics and art amidst the brutalising context of war.
Hence, frequent collisions, obstinate, envenomed, and bloody contests.
Most of the statistics quoted are a decade old or hospital records predominate more seriously envenomed patients.
Their finding is in accordance with our results, that all the envenomed groups showed significant decrease in total RBC's count compared to the control group.
The management of envenomed snake bites is not limited to the administration of anti-venoms.
The remaining 40% that do train their health workers indicated that mainly doctors and pharmacists receive special training on venomous animal bites, and that only some first aid courses cover treatment of envenomed patients.
But rarely are documents envenomed by the characters who perform the actual labor of writing; rather, they are made "wicked," their meanings deformed, by those with the power to dictate, sanction, and interpret them.
The Arabs of the jihad are fascinated by their glorious past and prophesied future, envenomed by the crimes done to them, possessing dreams of grandeur leading towards self-destruction.
Efficacy of serum therapy on the treatment of rats experimentally envenomed by bristle extract of the caterpillar Lonomia obliqua: comparison with epsilon-aminocaproic acid therapy.
Clinical significance of venom antigen levels in patients envenomed by the
Assad's crackdown on six months of prodemocracy protests has envenomed relations with the United States, which has imposed fresh sanctions and rallied world pressure on Syria.
The guy who was going to march around with envenomed feet because he wouldn't show pain, crying because I wrested his position from him with a piece of paper and a few cold words.
THE inner-party struggle within New Labour has been envenomed by the owlish provincial building society clerk otherwise known as Alistair Darling, erstwhile chancellor of the exchequer.