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  • verb

Synonyms for envenom

to have a destructive effect on

Synonyms for envenom

cause to be bitter or resentful

add poison to


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The author also shows that the Muslim authorities insidiously helped to envenom relations between dhimmi groups that, although united in a common fate, were often in conflict.
SWIFT: If that doesn't work, we envenom the tire-swing and invite him for a ride.
Knowing that asking "how" would only further envenom the obviously poisoned communications with Harry I.
genocide bill is given expected approval it will envenom already
yet she had, Indeed, locks bright enough to make me mad; And they were simply gordianed up and braided, Leaving, in naked comeliness, unshaded, Her pearl-round ears, white neck, and orbed brow; The which were blended in, I know not how, With such a paradise of lips and eyes, Blush-tinted cheeks, half-smiles, and faintest sighs, That, when I think thereon, my spirit clings And plays about its fancy, till the stings Of human neighbourhood envenom all.