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Synonyms for envelop

Synonyms for envelop

to cover completely and closely, as with clothing or bandages

to surround and cover completely so as to obscure

to surround and advance upon

Synonyms for envelop

enclose or enfold completely with or as if with a covering

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JAPAN: A new roach spray that envelops the insect in acrylic resin is available from Tokyo-based Hakugen.
Set in 1928, the show chronicles what should be ``the best summer ever'' in the life of 14-year-old Douglas Spaulding (played to callow perfection by Matt Raftery), whose boyish enthusiasm envelops all the folks in the idyllic community of Greentown.
As the gear rotates, the curved section of tooth envelops the circular form of the worm at the root of the thread.
Firm should submit the offer in one envelop containing two separate envelops clearly mentioning as:-
Powered by a rechargeable battery, the POD envelops the diver in a 12-volt protective field for up to 90 minutes, Morris said.
Tenders are invited for Supply of Thermoplastic masks,Thermoplastic masks /casts,Thermoplastic pre-cut casts,Thermoplastic casts,Pre-printed x-ray envelops (recyclable plastic covers or clothlined paper) 17.
letters, Envelops, Visiting cards,Greeting cards :Slip Pad A/4 size single colours Envelops window on Handmade Paper SE-6 Envelops window on Handmade Paper SE-5 Envelops window on Handmade Paper A-4 Envelops without window SE-6 Envelops without window SE-5 Envelops without window A-4 File Cover of Minister with printing Plastic folder with Printing Letter Folder with Envelop - A4 Letter Folder with Envelop - A5 Signature Card with Printing - A4 Separator sheet
Limited Tenders are invited for Purchase Of Vocab Stationery Items : Book Ruled (5 Or) (480 pages) 120 Ea, Book Ruled (6 Qr) (276 pages) 120 Ea, Envelops (SE - 7) 2500 envelops Envelops (SE - 7A) 1999 envelops, Envelops (SE - 8A (Clothed) 1200 envelops, Paper Duplicating (A4) (Size- 21x29 7cms.