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Synonyms for envelop

Synonyms for envelop

to cover completely and closely, as with clothing or bandages

to surround and cover completely so as to obscure

to surround and advance upon

Synonyms for envelop

enclose or enfold completely with or as if with a covering

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Army Field Manual 3-90, Tactics, there are five kinds of maneuver used in offensive operations: infiltration, penetration, frontal attacks, envelopments, and turning movements.
Envelopment. Envelopments send the attacking force around prominent enemy defenses to seize objectives in the enemy rear or to attack an assailable flank.
Drawing on French philosopher/cinema theorist Gilles Deleuze's view of the 'new baroque,' in which "we are discovering new ways of folding, akin to new envelopments," he discusses (and shows images from) works including films by Peter Greenaway, Jean-Luc Godard, and Chris Marker; video installations by Thiery Kuntzel, Keith Piper, and Renate Ferro; and interactive media works by Toni Dove, Dave Rokeby, and Jill Scott.
Choose from a sophisticated menu of individual envelopments blended to meet your specific needs or simply let the spa therapists decide for you.
A plainspoken soldier, Liu was a capable and determined commander; he especially favored envelopments and attacking from the rear, and won a reputation for his devastating "attacks from nowhere." <BL>
Conducting a spoiling attack, the Tigrayan army made successful use of two forms of maneuver -- envelopment and frontal attack -- to annihilate an Italian brigade led by MG Matteo Albertonc.