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surrounding and closing in on or hemming in

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The logistics chain of this market comprises: - reception of files, - layout of documents, - four-color printing of documents, - an identical production process irrespective of the volume of sheets to be produced, - archiving Digital printing of PDF images, - enveloping and postage, - enveloping and packing, - delivery to postal services or a courier service, - storage and stock management of the various supplies.
Therefore, as with many tragedies, religious faith was part of the tapestry enveloping the victims, friends and relatives, public officials, rescue personnel and, of course, the news media.
Kecol Pumps Ltd has supplied two "Maxiprime" Pump Systems to a snack food manufacturer in the Czech Republic, which has replaced messy "hand-ladling" operations and eliminated the need to stop production, whilst the hoppers on a biscuit enveloping machine were re-filled.
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-21 December 2004-Stralfors AB signs five-year printing and enveloping agreement with Nordea(C)1994-2004 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.
The process of putting property into a company is known as enveloping, and it limits an individual's liability for things that might go wrong.
THX's 15-second trailer launches a new slogan, ``Let's See It in THX,'' with letters that break apart while the synthesized sound of a bowed cello playing the single note A turns into a D-major chord enveloping the listener.
A cube made of timbers by Andre, despite its compactness, tends to have a psychologically enveloping effect, doubtless largely because of the warmth of the color.
And as not all of us can be there to support our own countries, hearing the cheering of the crowds and the ball kicks in enveloping surround sound is the next best thing.