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made tough by habitual exposure

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IT beggars belief - or would do if we were not so enured to our leaders' betrayal of Britain - that the government is planning to further cut our armed forces.
It is a part of the public history of the times that statutes against rebates could not be effectually enforced so long as individuals only were subject to punishment for violation of the law, when the giving of rebates or concessions enured to the benefit of the corporations of which the individuals were but the instruments.
This not only enured for their benefit but also for the benefit of their sponsors and all their other 'commercial partners' who wished to legitimately associate themselves and their products and services with the event and have paid good money for the privilege of doing so.
Charges of failing to reach expectations is a big part of a racehorse trainer's life, they become enured to it.
Individual missives read like "outcries" (one of his favorite words) from a heart that survives in the hope of connecting with other people, but one that has heroically enured itself to going it alone if need be.