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someone who collects census data by visiting individual homes


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Hence, no matter how a respondent verbally answered a question--on ethnicity, religion, occupation, type of cooking facilities--she or he had no knowledge of what the enumerator recorded.
A near lack of women enumerators for data collection.
Organized by the Philippine Statistical System and spearheaded by the Philippine Statistics Authority, this annual event becomes noticeable when enumerator stickers begin to appear in gates and house posts.
The decision was taken in view of the large scale complaints from the people, specially in Hyderabad that enumerators did not turn up at their houses for taking the details.
A team of local enumerators were divided into teams and assigned to the locations identified during the formative research and mapping on a weekend night which were identified as the most active nights.
The PDA prompted the enumerator to enter data related to specific target groups, based on the information entered during the household member listing at the beginning of the interview.
The department said that all citizens are legally bound to provide accurate information and allow access to their homes for the enumerators.
Census enumerators facilitate the collection of raw data, but people's own communities must be responsible to achieve complete participation.
7 million enumerators and supervisors will visit house to house for counting purposes.
The observer has a cadre called "enumerator" and they are 5196 enumerators who are performing the data collection from the Omani and residential families in the Sultanate for ten days.
A month later, the enumerator knocked on his door, looking for him to fill out the second form.
I received a paper on my door letting me know when the enumerator would visit my house.
Written by the enumerator in the age column: "Mrs Conde declines to give age - approximately 55 years"
Mate Precision Tooling leads the punching industry with another first--the all new Mate Enumerator Sequential Numbering Tool designed to stamp sequential serial numbers, dates and codes on fabricated parts.