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someone who collects census data by visiting individual homes


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In some places, such as, markets, the counting will remain till later time as most of the residents in these places are expatriates who are available at all time, so the enumerator has to visit them in later time to collect their data.
Kingsley, the enumerator was directed to get a response even though she knew the form was a duplicate.
Summary: RIYADH: Some residents have told Arab News that census enumerators failed to visit their houses.
The Mate Enumerator is a thick turret 3 1/2" D station special assembly with integral punch holder.
Through close examination and juxtaposition of (1) official enumerator instructions issued by the U.S.
* Write the words census, enumerator, canvass, and population schedule on the board and ask students to define them.
Streets in most parts of the country emptied by noon and public transport reduced to a trickle as more than 125,000 enumerators prepared to visit homes and offices for the long overdue head-count.
Jim Balfour, brother and press agent of Morag Balfour, said: "Our feeling was that the enumerator had made a political statement to a large audience."
DISTRESS CALL The enumerator did not have census gadgets at the time of the incident.
He unveiled 301 trained persons including 272 enumerators, 6 charges in charges and 76 circle supervisors were in the field.
Some of these include ensuring the proper placement of survey signage for maximum visibility, consistent implementation of the survey's sampling methodology across the various teams, limiting enumerator errors and some logistical challenges.
He also pointed out that more than 200,000 forms have been distributed to prepare the citizen and the residents to receive the enumerator and give the basic data.
"This is reiterated that it is mandatory on the part of each household to share information with the enumerator. This information, to be collected for the National Population Register only, will be highly confidential and will provide the spade work for formulating the policies and programmes by the Governments, both Central and State, for the betterment of the people of our huge nation," it stated.
A WHILST there was a legal requirement to provide correct information to a census enumerator if they called on the night of the census, people often misled them with false data.
A census enumerator has been arrested after he showed up intoxicated at a resident's house in Muranga County.