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- Provision to enumerate shares at run time by using Select shares from server option that accepts servers as input.
As a future work, we plan to improve our encoding to enumerate maximal patterns in a sequence.
The system also simultaneous enumerates the different coloured colonies of each species, providing objective, consistent data and reducing operator errors, to generate accurate results which can be stored as images and Excel spreadsheets.
and alleviate public safety concerns." (94) When a power is of "that magnitude," Roberts "find[s] it implausible to suppose--and impossible to support--that the Framers intended to confer such authority by implication rather than expression." (95) Because the majority's military-regulation rationale upheld a power "less substantial" than a pure federal police power, the challenged registration requirement was "not such a 'great substantive and independent power' that the Framers' failure to enumerate it must imply its absence." (96) Perhaps Baude's elegant article prompted Roberts to clarify his theoretical basis for quoting McCulloch.
Japanese scientists have developed a new plating approach: Fluorescence in situ hybridization with filter-cultivation (FISHFC), which can specifically enumerate viable microorganisms.
The 15th census will enumerate the country's 1.2 billion population.
The BJP has been in a bit of a fix over their strong endorsement in Parliament of the suggestion to enumerate OBCs in the ongoing census.
today: to enumerate meant "to number" and an enumeration was
Q Our lab recently purchased a cell counter that will enumerate nucleated red blood cells (nRBCs) and report a corrected white blood cell count (WBC) if the size of the nRBCs is at the threshold for triggering a cellular interference flag.
As an echo of the concerns raised by the first panel, the second panel examined situations where joint ventures failed and noted that such failures most often occur when the for-profits and the not-for-profits fail to clearly enumerate their expectations and responsibilities.
enumerate the key influenza genes responsible for human pathogenicity, their roles in past pandemics, and the potential of avian influenza virus strains to evolve into highly pathogenic and transmissible viruses for human populations.
By contrast--but like another contemporary work in this genre, Declaration of Intent (Disclaimer), 1999, by Canadian artist Ron Terada--Young's disclaimers enumerate all that is uncertain about an artwork.
(125) The motion to enumerate the power to establish a university was defeated four states to six, with one divided.
Limited in number and written broadly, the principles enumerate the essential elements of military judgment.
Once we ascertain the value of our knowledge assets, we must enumerate the threats.