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that can be counted

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Paneva-Konovska presents readers with a comprehensive examination of the use of Bessel and Mittag-Leffler functions within the fields of mathematics and the sciences through the study of enumerable families of different classes of special functions.
32) who, in Ian Hacking's analytics, are the people to be categorized, the moving target whose anthropological borders continue to be delineated in the recalcitrant impulse to stabilize, render transparent, enumerable, and separable by scientific means.
J, dissenting) (arguing that the majority's holding leaves open enumerable possibilities for litigants to argue a probability of bias).
Medicinal values of many plants are still remaining unexplored for its enumerable activity of compounds responsible for their activity.
The above is just one case among enumerable accounts from victims of sexual harassment in Lebanon, where statistics on assaults are not registered in legal records because as of yet, there are no measures taken against this form of abuse.
Using the side bust and waist darts found on a standard bodice front block pattern as examples, enumerable dart manipulations are possible following essentially the same process (2).
From my peers in the cockpit to the Sailors on the deckplates, I have seen enumerable acts of courage, sacrifice and selflessness that humble me daily.
Is this another scam similar to the one operated by the enumerable chemists that litter the Island in overcharging for prescriptions.
This means that NLs cannot, as is currently almost universally assumed, be considered recursively enumerable [.
While there are enumerable solutions to get information, consumers have seemed to embrace several platforms for identifying user-generated media when trying to make decisions about dining out.
Brandstadt (1981) proved that regular, context-sensitive and recursively enumerable languages are closed under [C.
Likewise, we say that a set B is computably enumerable, or c.
Construccion de los sujetos DTP 12-16 1 Prodestinatario Enumerable Programatico "He dialogado francamente con mis compatriotas.