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surgical removal of something without cutting into it

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Unilateral retinoblastoma comprises two-thirds of retinoblastoma cases, often presents with an advanced stage of disease, a single tumour is usually present, and the standard treatment is primary enucleation.
Within a few weeks after the enucleation surgery - from two to six, according to the Encyclopedia of Surgery - the patient is ready for a "conformer," shaped similarly to the final prosthesis and worn while the eye socket heals from the trauma of surgery.
Whilst extraction or endodontic treatment may suffice for the treatment of a 'periapical radiolucency', the treatment options for a radicular cyst usually require more radical intervention including surgical removal of the tooth in question and enucleation or marsupialisation of the cyst [Nair, 1998].
For this purpose, the oocyte was immobilized at the holding pipette with PB1 at the 3 o'clock position, and then rotated with the use of the enucleation pipette until the metaphase plate was clearly in focus in the oocyte equatorial plane under the UV lights.
Key words: enucleation, evisceration, implants, hydroxyapatite, nylon, lipodermal graft
12) Larger tumors can be treated using local resection in combination with radiation or enucleation if vision retention is determined to be unattainable.
One of the key discoveries made by the Simerly team is that primate eggs respond far less favorably to enucleation than do the eggs of domestic animals.
Because the surgery of eye enucleation gave a great damage to the subject, it might disrupt the processing of sensory cues other than the visual sense.
Effect of monocular enucleation on the staining pattern obtained with MAB 1H12.
eye enucleation, amputation of body parts, breaking bones, etc.
Although this result may serve to indicate that exposure to the maternal environment leads to the induction of apoptosis in fetal NRBCs, it fails to take into account several recent reports suggesting that the terminal differentiation of erythroid cells uses apoptotic mechanisms to facilitate enucleation (9,10).
Finally, out of these materials highly porous orbital implants of different designs have been prepared and after thorough sterilization they have been introduced to the Mongrel dog and subsequently to the anophthalmic human patients after enucleation / evisceration surgery.
In the effort to overcome the prolonged operative time of prior techniques, the holmium laser has been used in a variety of ways, resulting in the evolution of the technique we currently use -- the holmium laser enucleation of the prostate (HoLEP).
These injuries resulted in legal blindness in 31 (44%) injured persons; in addition, enucleation was required for seven (10%).