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They are mostly unaware, however, that until recently their impressive entryway was an unexceptional loading dock the unattractive backside of a building also known as 627 Broadway.
Once the prize winners are selected, Therma-Tru will oversee the entryway transformation of the homes.
SIMI VALLEY - The City Council voted on Monday to require an environmental impact report before approving a 90-unit condominium project at Simi Valley's east entryway.
The extraordinary ground floor space--one block east of Balthazar restaurant--features intricately detailed 30-foot ceilings, majestic interior columns, dramatic chandeliers, massive windows and wonderful period details, including an original clock atop a bold marble entryway.
As they stroll through the elaborate entryway, they'll be taken back in time by displays of historical items including old typewriters and office equipment, a larger-than-life timeline celebrating advances and milestone events in the escrow process, and black and white photo montages which will capture the unique evolution of the industry over the last 50 years.
DeLaney joined Kushner' chief operating officer Stewart Epstein in cutting a gold ribbon across the newly renovated entryway.
GLENDALE - At the entryway to Moro Beauty College, clues that the school is not a professional styling salon are everywhere, starting with the prices.
NEW YORK -- The Copper Development Association (CDA) recently collaborated with the long-running PBS home improvement television series, "Hometime," to give a Minneapolis couple a dramatic new front entryway to their home.
Library staff and crews were working feverishly on the finishing touches, reshelving books, adding branches to the faux wisteria over the Children's Room entryway and prepping themselves on last-minute operations.
The 1099 Wall Street West space provides an ideal layout for this particular usage, with a separate entryway into an equipment servicing room.
As we move forward with this strategy for future tax seasons, we firmly believe that stored value card accounts offer underbanked consumers an entryway to mainstream banking and provide Chase with a valuable way to reach a large, untapped market.
The construction project will include general rehabilitation of the existing facilities, landscaping, water conservation system, signage, rental office, entryway, security and provide for the addition of new parking spaces.
Uses: It can be used outside on exterior house walls, entryway columns, outdoor kitchens or rooms, and garden walls and structures.
The Entryway, 1997, presents the electric fan, taped-up Polaroids, and shag carpeting of an apartment that could play host to the Spanish-style swag lamp depicted in Chandelier (Hope), 1998.
The welcoming entryway features a dramatic sweeping staircase leading to the upper deck.