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a small digital computer based on a microprocessor and designed to be used by one person at a time

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Narayanan Venkataraman, PC category manager for printing and personal systems at HP Middle East, said that the Bing systems was limited to entry-level PCs costing less than Dh1,000.
Netbooks and entry-level PCs, which are lower priced, will be particularly affected," Loverde said.
Fujitsu today redefines the economies of multi workplace computing with the introduction of the FUTRO C400, an ultra thin client that delivers a full desktop experience across multiple workplaces at a fraction of the cost of an array of entry-level PCs.
The low-cost version is expected to be priced at around INR1,000 and will help to bring the cost of entry-level PCs down to around INR10,000 according to Microsoft.
1 disc drives for its office computers and entry-level PCs.
An operating system upgrade to Windows XP Pro can cost about $200 per system, and with the great deals right now on entry-level PCs, you can get a pretty nice PC for about $700 without the monitor.
Entry-level PCs (Pentium II processors, less memory and disk storage) are available for less than $500.