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the form of a word that heads a lexical entry and is alphabetized in a dictionary

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[...] thanks to analogy, we can enumerate a large amount of information based on the entry word. However, we could not extend such amount of information to encompass an enumeration that would take an encyclopedic character.
The criterion adopted for this judgment was that the lexeme's definition had to be semantically related to the entry word. The analysis followed the subsequent steps:
Cognitive needs call for much more than just a basic definition of the entry word. Dictionary users who are in need of acquiring knowledge about a particular subject will look for information which reveals, say, subclasses and subtypes of the entity covered by the entry word, or elements and functions of the entity covered by the entry word.
The specialised dictionaries offer much more in the way of encyclopaedic information on the entry word than the general dictionaries present in the dictionary aggregator.
It also includes the 10th edition of the Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary (far more powerfully searchable than in Britannica, allowing the search of the entry word, the definition, and the full text), and Helicon Publishing Company's Chronology of World History.
This product contains seven different search fields that users may use in their searches, including entry word, pronunciation, grammatical function, usage, etymology, date, and definition fields.
One of the projects he headed involved storing the entry words of "Nykysuomen sanakirja" on magnetic tape, thus making them computer-accessible.
IEQ uses English-language lemmata, or entry words, for its articles which cover all concepts, themes, names and places mentioned in the Qur'an.
It is sweet revenge for the writer, who was left frustrated last year when his entry Words That Never Wear Out was rejected straight off by RTE's Eurovision panel.
The entry words are English translations rather than transliterations from the Arabic, so non-specialists as well as specialists can find topics they seek easily.
The second column shows the distribution of those word-types from the column 1 which are not connected by the tagger to the entry words ([UWT.sub.2]).
These cross-references also correspond to an appended list of Terms by Category that groups together entry words and phrases under headings such as "Actions," "Emotions" and "Body."
Within each chapter the items are listed alphabetically and the entry words discussed in some detail.
and more than 200,000 boldface entry words and forms.
To make information easier to read and understand, different kinds of data, such as entry words, pronunciations, etymologies, part-of-speech labels, dates of first recorded use, and definitions, are presented in distinct data fields.