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Synonyms for entrust

Synonyms for entrust

to put in the charge of another for care, use, or performance

to place a trust upon


Synonyms for entrust

put into the care or protection of someone

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Made commercially available in 4Q 2004, Entrust IdentityGuard is an easy-to-use strong authentication solution that can be leveraged across the Web and throughout the enterprise to secure sensitive applications and data, without the need to deploy expensive hardware devices to end users.
CMS has an established enterprise-wide Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) developed by Entrust for state agencies, and IEPA has been recognized for implementing an electronic system for filing complex regulatory documents, with the system's authentication and security infrastructure being based on the Entrust TruePass(TM) and Entrust GetAccess(TM) solutions.
Memory Experts International (MXI) announced today that its ACCESS(TM) Management Suite for its secure multifunctional storage devices has achieved Entrust Ready(TM) status.
Entrust software helps enable enterprises and governments to extend their business reach to customers, partners and employees.
Passlogix's v-GO SSO enterprise single sign-on solution and Entrust's GetAccess, a component of the Entrust Secure Identity Management solution, allow physicians to access confidential patient records and Baptist's clinical and diagnostic systems through a browser-based portal.
Entrust Authority, the backbone of Entrust's identity and security management offerings, is the market-leading Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), and manages the full lifecycle of Digital Identities required to transparently deliver accountability and privacy across governments and enterprises.
Saunders, Chairman and Director; Patricia Saunders, Secretary and Director; Richard Muller, Director; and Matthew Connolly, Director, will be leaving the Entrust Board.
Under the agreement, Trac Medical has purchased licenses for Entrust TruePass software.
the largest telecommunications company in the Netherlands, is providing 400,000 customers with secured and controlled access to its Website and its personalized service, MyKPN, through Entrust GetAccess software provided by Entrust, Inc.
Nasdaq:ENTU), a leading global provider of enhanced Internet security services and solutions, announces its support for the IBM eServer pSeries 690 because it is a perfect complement to Entrust Authority software and an ideal platform on which to run enhanced Internet security applications.
Entrust, a leading global provider of enhanced Internet security solutions and services, delivers online security and privacy through digital certificates, which uniquely identify each user, just like a traditional signature or thumbprint.
The China Financial Certification Authority, a joint venture of 13 leading commercial banks under the direct leadership of the People's Bank of China, will use enhanced Internet security solutions from Entrust, Inc.
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