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Effect of aspect ratio on entropy generation in a rectangular cavity with differentially heated vertical walls, International Communications in Heat and Mass Transfer, 35: 696-703.
Estimation of the entropy rate is not a trivial problem, but these methods are relevant to many problems, not only in economics, but also in physics, biology etc.
Note also that it has been proven that the entropy production, which is the left hand side of (8), is negative definite only for some cases.
Since cross-fuzzy entropy is developed on the basis of cross sample entropy, we first introduce the cross sample entropy and then point out how cross-fuzzy entropy differs from cross sample entropy.
The absolute value of the information entropy measures the danger level of the deformation value.
Stochastic Algorithms are the basis for all Causal Analysis where Entropy is a very important issue and have the primary role to convert the Input Entropy to an Output Entropy filling up the specified requirements to make the Causal Objective possible to be achieved accordingly the specifications.
Based on the difficulty in measuring the multi-target of business-cost, this study chooses a comprehensive evaluation method and Factor-Entropy analysis method, which is a subjective evaluation method indicator of the main component indexes and objective calculated entropy valves, and sorting with scores.
TJaynes [9] proposed the principle of maximum entropy (POME) in 1957, their research pointed out that the statistical inference under the condition of the information shortage and incomplete probability space, should make full use of existing information, choose the entropy with the largest probability distribution, as the result of statistical inference.
If further research proves successful, Saxe predicts that fMRI scans of brain entropy could one day help in assessing problems in brain function in people with depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, or autism, in which processing information becomes difficult.
But simply building a trusted source of quantum entropy isn't enough.
74] proposed cross entropy measures under the interval-valued neutrosophic set environment, which is suitable for single decision maker only.
In the present study, the multiple linear regression (MLR) techniques and back ward methods are used for modeling the thermal energy (Eth kJ/mol), heat capacity (CV J/molK) and entropy (S J/molK) of 41 sulfonamides.
Objective: Time-resolved THz-Calorimetry Explores Molecular Recognition ProcessesDefinition: THz-calorimetry is the science of measuring low frequency density of states kinetics for the purpose of deriving the entropy changes associated with biological processes in real time.
Then the experimental results were analyzed and compared using Shannon entropy and logistic regression.