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Synonyms for entropy

(communication theory) a numerical measure of the uncertainty of an outcome

(thermodynamics) a thermodynamic quantity representing the amount of energy in a system that is no longer available for doing mechanical work

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Hamletmachine is not merely "postdramatic" theater; it is impossible theater, the res extensa of Nietzsche's eternal return, a circling dissemination flattening out entropically as text.
The Universe entropically evolves under their various possibilities, and two different manners to construct a same coin are different ways under which the Universe may evolve to a same initial coin state, hence the null entropy, but not necessarily to the same collapsed state.
The interactions between CaM and myr(+)MA are endothermic and entropically driven, suggesting that hydrophobic contacts are critical for binding.
This occurs through direct electrostatic interactions, H bonding, cation bridging, and ligand exchange reactions in the hydrophilic zone (Yariv and Cross 2002), whereas the bi-layer formed in the hydrophobic zone is entropically driven (Kleber et al.
If the initial point of any system, whether we're talking about milk in coffee, life on Earth, or the big bang itself, were drawn randomly from the list of all possible states such a system might be in, it most likely would be a high-probability state with, entropically speaking, nowhere to go.
An entropically favorable displacement of multiple substrate-bound water molecules should accompany these docking events.
Kumacheva is known for her contributions in the field of complex fluids, polymer science, and materials chemistry--particularly her discoveries of phase transitions in simple liquids confined to molecularly thin layers and entropically driven lubrication in polymer brushes, and convection in phase-separating polymer liquids.
Barr demonstrates that even in the first stages of El Alamein, the British fought entropically, almost randomly.
First, from Darwin himself, there is the framework provided by the Newtonian universe, an undeconstructed metaphysics formulated by the laws of thermo-dynamics, a closed system governed by discoverable laws but leading to an "economic heat death," entropically unwinding, like the universe itself (34).
Sorrentino, too, indicates that his own text may be entropically echoing itself.