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Synonyms for entresol

intermediate floor just above the ground floor

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Many curious faces had already appeared at the windows and the people attracted to the end of the street began to run, first men, then groups, and then a crowd of people; hearing cries and seeing a chariot they could not understand it; but Friquet sprang from the entresol on to the top of the carriage.
And regaining his entresol he overwhelmed the coachman with every projectile he could lay hands on.
This property has a total leasable area of about 8,600 square metres spread over seven floors, plus an entresol floor on floor seven.
Elle explique en tout cas pourquoi le celebre vaudevilliste, lui-meme peintre par ailleurs, ecrit dans sa piece La main passe (1904), le role de Masseney [sic], un seducteur, regulierement oblige d'epeler son nom afin d'eviter toute confusion avec le celebre musicien et proprietaire d'une garconniere concue a l'image de la personnalite du compositeur, car situee dans un entresol << coquet, tendre, feminin (35).
The following Latvian restaurants have been listed in White Guide Nordic: 36.linija, Restorans 3, Tam Labam Bus Augt!, Biblioteka No.1, COD Robata Grill, Diklu Pils Restorans, Entresol, Equus, Ferma, Kolonade, Musu Stasti, Koya, Laivas, Locale, Muusu, Per se, Riviera, Valmiermuizas Vestnieciba Riga, Valtera Restorans, Vina Studija, and Vincents.
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