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willing to take risks in order to make a profit

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Another example of exploring different relations is the work by Pollack, Burnette and Hoyt (2012) which studied mind-set impact on self-efficacy in the face of threats to entrepreneurial success.
Other scientists have studied the connection between entrepreneurial self-efficacy and firms' performance.
Hmieleski and Corbett (2006) included entrepreneurial inclination and found it to be significant.
Negative relationship was found having previous entrepreneurial experience (Fayolle and Gailly, 2009).
Van der Kuyl will continue working with ES to help mould the next generation of entrepreneurial leaders in Scotland.
The aim of the ToT was to equip the trainers with entrepreneurial education so that they can effectively train the youth in their respective institutes.
Aside from founders' characteristics, other factors like university roles and entrepreneurial environments have also linked to entrepreneurial intentions among graduates (Khuong and An, 2016; Nowinski et al., 2017; Al Mamun et al., 2017).
Why does the team have such an outsized impact on the outcome of an entrepreneurial venture?
The index results suggest that women entrepreneurs appear to thrive better in wealthy and more developed economies, which scored higher in terms of women's knowledge assets and financial access, and entrepreneurial conditions.
The entrepreneurship is crucial in progress of any country's economy (do Paco, Ferreira, Raposo, Rodrigues, and Dinis, 2011).According to Krueger and Carsrud (1993) entrepreneurial intention (EI) is the first step that leads toward entrepreneurship.
The individuals can become industrial technical entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial thinkers so that they can contribute to technological, economic development and sustainable communities, he added.
"Entrepreneurial Marketing" builds a comprehensive, state-of-the-art picture of entrepreneurial marketing issues, providing major theoretical and empirical evidence that offers a clear, concise view of entrepreneurial marketing.
Furthermore, the study examines the impact of five major dynamics that affect entrepreneurial success: government policies, business plans, motivation, availability of capital, and entrepreneurial traits.
Two previous writings have explained about one of the criteria of Entrepreneurial University and the approach used to create a university to have the character of entrepreneurship.
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