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a port where merchandise can be imported and then exported without paying import duties

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And this enduring role depended on Penang's persistent entrepot function, even in the era that saw it emerge as a Malayan staple port.
Provigo, with its Loblaws, Maxi & Co, Maxi, Provigo, L'intermarche, Axep, Presto, and Club Entrepot Provigo banners, is the largest food retailer in Quebec.
Taken by Ptolemy I in 312 B.C.E., it long endured as an important entrepot. The site, continuously occupied down to the present, is under heavy pressure from urban development.
Raymond Fisman, NBER and Columbia University; Peter Moustakerski, Booz Alien Hamilton; and Shang-jin Wei, "Outsourcing Tariff Evasion: A New Explanation for Entrepot Trade" Discussant: Mihir A.
Its purpose was to establish a colony and entrepot for trade between the Pacific and Atlantic oceans.
Some entrepot countries like Belgium have export ratios well over 100% as machines pass through their ports.)
Wilder's second section examines the tumultuous antebellum period when Brooklyn moved from a colonial entrepot to an increasingly dynamic metropolitan center.
* Export development programmes should emphasize impact (in EDB's case, these new approaches could include promoting business and professional services, entrepot trade and focusing on a wider range of export product sectors).
Alexandria was the focus of the Hellenic world, by far the largest city before the rise of Rome: the Greek-speaking world's greatest entrepot and its intellectual powerhouse.
As a commercial entrepot and publishing center, Venice stood at the intellectual crossroads of sixteenth-century Europe.
In the sixteenth century, at its peak, it was for Europa the most important entrepot in the East Indies.
Since its days as an outpost for the British empire, the republic has engaged in "entrepot" trade--taking a margin out of commerce passing through its port, and storing and re-exporting imported commodities.
As his focus is on an entrepot economy, he not surprisingly does not contribute, as he had intended, to the literature on the ideal monetary system for developing countries.
Not only is "El Hogar " a crown jewel of style Beaux Arts, more significantly, it is a monument to that epoch when the Philippines was a dynamic trail-blazing financial hub and trading entrepot, in this side of the universe.
Ces marchandises sont entrees en Tunisie illicitement en provenance de Libye et elles ont ete localisees dans un entrepot a Mornag.
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