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a port where merchandise can be imported and then exported without paying import duties

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Without the Federation and the income from Britain's military bases, Singapore was left with only one option, and that was to revitalise the entrepot economy in lace 20th century conditions.
We believe (those companies) will continue to use Hong Kong for their technical, financial, legal advice and language skills, and for investment -- the kind of services that are essential for a successful entrepot to the Chinese market," she said.
Until the Second World War, it was a quiet, old fashioned entrepot through which grain from the plains passed on its way down the lazily winding Brda to its confluence with the Vistula not far to the east, from where it went down the great river to Gdacsk, thence in sea-going vessels to the Baltic and the rest of Europe.
It not only serves the rest of Kenya but is the main entrepot for Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, eastern DRG and northern Tanzania.
Wilder's second section examines the tumultuous antebellum period when Brooklyn moved from a colonial entrepot to an increasingly dynamic metropolitan center.
Although the focus is on the evolution of law, the book provides an insightful analysis of the intellectual and political changes that occurred as the Buenos Aires region underwent a war for independence from Spain and its economy evolved from a mere entrepot for Bolivian silver exports to a more complex one dominated by merchant capitalists.
Iran imported $10 bn of goods from the UAE last year, three-quarters of which had been re-exported from the entrepot emirate of Dubai, where as many as 400,000 Iranians - about a third of the population - form a vital part of the emirate's business community.
26 of the Action Plan mentioned above to do what they can to close these loopholes, we feel it is incumbent on the consuming and entrepot countries, to contribute as well.
Trente personnes ont ete blessees hier mercredi dans un incendie qui a touche au moins neuf immeubles dans un quartier densement peuple de Lagos, la capitale economique du Nigeria, a la suite d 'une explosion dans un entrepot oE etaient probablement stockes des feux d'artifice, a-t-on appris aupres des secours.
Dubai has taken advantage of the centrality of its location to become a global entrepot whose influence extends well beyond the GCC.
Through sheer willpower, pride and the often unrivalled need for achievement, Singapore has become an entrepot par excellence.
After all, Dubai, which many Lebanese regarded as the usurper of Beirut's role as regional entrepot had succeeded with exactly the same supply-led strategy, building ports, roads and even office space to encourage economic activity.
As a commercial entrepot and publishing center, Venice stood at the intellectual crossroads of sixteenth-century Europe.
Salem became the spice entrepot of the world, New Bedford the whaling capital.
The proposed project will include the development of a teleport, the expansion and modernization of the existing Sao Tome airport and heliport; the development of a deep-water port with dry docking facilities; the development of entrepot storage and petroleum support facilities and the associated infrastructure on a 1,200 acre site.