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Synonyms for entrenchment

an advance beyond proper or legal limits

Synonyms for entrenchment

an entrenched fortification

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Blumenthal-Drame examines the relationship between frequency in natural language use and the entrenchment of complex linguistic strings in the minds of language users.
Viewed in that way, the rule entrenchment of Rule XXII is simply inconsistent with our Western traditions of normal legislative behavior.
Therefore this paper aims to identify HRM practices influences on organizational commitment and entrenchment by analyzing how they are perceived and what they signify to workers, contributing to better delimit these two constructs.
Hamas rejected the move, saying such a step means tightening the blockade imposed on Gaza since 2007 and entrenchment of the Israeli siege on Gaza.
The process of entrenchment through implementation is crucial to tapping into the deeper, social norm source of power.
prohibition on entrenchment, as it is usually called, governments have
He said that the ceremony reflected the SCA's commitment to ensure the entrenchment of a culture of corporate governance, disclosure and transparency in accordance with international best practice.
Throughout the 2000's, firms with higher entrenchment levels have had lower market capitalization (relative to their book value).
The path of the interest rate will be determined in accordance with the inflation environment, the entrenchment of growth in Israel and globally, the monetary policies of the leading central banks, and in light of developments in the exchange rates of the shekel.
at Hizbullah arms depots both in Kherbit Silim and in Terfelsey are an indicator of Hizbullah's military entrenchment in southern Lebanese villages.
He was particularly concerned about the ongoing development towards the entrenchment of democracy and rule of law in Kyrgyzstan, an important member state of the OIC, which could be threatened by such violent incidents and said that all matters related to the conduct of political process in the country should be handled within the democratic principles and supremacy of law.
In S&P's view, QNB's operating environment is strong and benefits from the bank's solid domestic entrenchment, increasing business volumes, high asset quality, and efficiency.
Among his specific topics are indigenous methods of forest conservation during the early colonial era, monopolizing Zambezi teak 1923-38, war and peacetime timber demand 1939-53, fire control and forest policy toward Africans, the entrenchment of conservation ideas 1950-65, and civil war and independence 1966-80.
Both Aunger and I agree that in the new province of Manitoba, French-language rights were protected, but we disagree on the timing of the entrenchment of those rights.
Blinded by ColdWar entrenchment, America helped finance the Afghan Mujahideen, the same medieval death culture fundamentalist warlords who will engage and kill our soldiers in perpetuity.