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Synonyms for entrenchment

an advance beyond proper or legal limits

Synonyms for entrenchment

an entrenched fortification

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I fear drift, I fear entrenchment, I fear those elements who were never really up for a deal will dig their heels in further and are further emboldened.
I have been warning for some time about the dangers of Irans military entrenchment in Syria.
Iran is busy turning Syria into a base of military entrenchment, and it wants to use Syria and Lebanon as war fronts against its declared goal to eradicate Israel," Netanyahu said in Tel Aviv.
Of all the art forms, declares Freedman, theater--or more specifically drama--has responded best and most quickly to the demise of the Soviet Union, the period of instability, and the entrenchment of corruption in Russia.
Al-Ayyam and al-Hayat al-Jadida said the Palestinian cabinet slammed new steps taken by the Hamas movement in the besieged Gaza Strip as a further entrenchment of the Palestinian division.
Can anything good come from the TRO when it obviously means delayed delivery of perceived essential reproductive health services, which delay, it is believed, could translate into more maternal deaths, unwanted pregnancies, deeper entrenchment in poverty and a host of other ills?
These attributes are the size of the board, the independence of its members, the separation of the duties of CEO and chair of the board, the entrenchment of the CEO and the compensation of the CEO.
Based on 324 pairs of survey responses collected from joint ventures set up by either Hong Kong or Singapore companies in mainland China, the results indicate that similarity between new and existing practices decreases while entrenchment of existing practices increases the difficulty of transfer.
The official source pointed out that Houthi militias and Saleh are the main reason behind what's happening of bombing of people gatherings and popular markets due to their entrenchment in these places among innocent people, sniping civilians and destabilizing public security and stability.
CARTHAGE, (TAP) - "2016 will be the year of entrenchment of democracy in Tunisia after 2015 was the year of real democratic transition," President Beji Caid Essebsi said on Thursday.
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He is right of course - the liberati of Islington pretty much dictate how the Labour Party operates nationally, leaving the North East and Scotland as outposts for old Labour entrenchment.
In a speech opening the 15th meeting of the Executive Committee of Arab Inter-Parliamentary Union (AIPU), being held here for the next two days, Al-Tarawna decried the ubiquity of extremism in the region and its entrenchment in some places as Syria and Iraq and its ever widening reaches into localities in the Arab and Muslim world.
During a meeting at the Business Council for International Understanding (BCIU), he said the entrenchment of governance and transparency in the Constitution will encourage investors to opt for the Tunisian market.