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a hand shovel carried by infantrymen for digging trenches

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The personal entrenching tool is usually capable of being called upon to double as a close quarter weapon, but the main feature of the tool is that it requires effort from the individual soldier to make it function.
It also comes equipped with an M1 helmet, goggles, canteen, bench, typewriter, entrenching tool, Pyle's signature "shovel," gas stove, and a reproduction of the reporter's most famous newspaper story, "The Death of Captain Waskow.
I couldn't run away from this guy, and I didn't have anything to fight with except an entrenching tool.
I remember well how helpless I felt in the pitch-black darkness after I broke the handle of my entrenching tool.
Remove any debris with a shovel or entrenching tool before leaving the worksite.
The newer combination entrenching tool added a pick, which helped break up hard soil.
The belt and suspenders support carriers for ammo, field dressing, compass, canteen and entrenching tool.
The enemy were fighting a rearguard action and the seven of us were told to get up in the tollet of the house and make loopholes in the walls with our entrenching tools.
During WWII, Ames produced armored tank plating, shell casings and 11 million of those familiar folding entrenching tools.
The other battalions thankfully desisted, and within an hour heavy sniping opened and they were digging literally for dear life with their bayonets, which in those days were triangular, and bad entrenching tools.
Before designing the now-famous Glock 17, Gaston Glock's Vienna-based company built polymer entrenching tools for the Austrian army.
I'll go," I told Derry, who grunted a "thanks" and suggested I draw entrenching tools and a weapon for the trip.
Shovels and entrenching tools were in short supply for both sides, but more so for the Confederates.
Soldiers get one-and-a-half duffle bags of equipment, from desert camouflage uniforms and sleeping bags to mosquito netting and entrenching tools.