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a dish that is served with, but is subordinate to, a main course

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The dark chocolate glaze on my entremets wasn't cool enough even though I had planned it meticulously.
She reassured me in the semi-final when I couldn't find my entremet moulds.
Finally, Paul and Mary order 24 show-stopping entremets, which is French for "ridiculously fancy little cakes".
Chefs Smoake-Dewitt's creations included the following: * chocolate/hazelnut & apricot entremet * pistachio ice cream-cherry sorbet and nugatine parfait entremets glace * fig-apple and praline cheese viennoiserie * creamy caramel kugelhopf with yogurt sorbet plated dessert * caramelized onion specialty bread * classical French baguettes
The contest tasked each team of chefs to produce multiple servings of two types of bread (a baguette and a baker's choice), an entremets (cake), an entremets glace, a plated dessert, and two viennoiserie made from the same dough.
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Most entremets are forms of cake, but the terms are not interchangeable since entremets include other types of dessert such as mousse.
Ice cream cakes abound, and, since they, like entremets, are likely to be covered with creams or other frosting, consumers may not be able to tell which is which without reading the serving instructions on the box.
A Carrefour hypermarket at Lyon's Part Dieu Center had only five patisseries: two entremets, one tart, and two packs of cream-filled puffs, or "choukets.
Brossard, a subsidiary of the British Grand Metropolitan Group and the leading French producer of entremets (47% of the volume and 58% of the value), has been working for almost two years to improve the presentation of "patisseries" in large mainstream stores.
Last year it reportedly cut prices seven to eight percent on all its entremets signed by Chef Lenotre, which had typically ranged from 50 to 70 francs in 1996.
Traditionally entremets have been huge, serving as many as 10 to 12 people.
As they promote their respective lines and generally try to make the market more dynamic, producers are engaging in a limited amount of experimentation with entremets recipes.
Brossard added entrees to its gourmet line Recettes Lenotre, which was introduced in 1987 with entremets (desserts to be served between the cheese and fruit courses) and extended in 1992 with frozen cakes.
She reassured me in the semifinal when I couldn't find my Entremet moulds.