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a dish that is served with, but is subordinate to, a main course

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To order cookies for good and/or any of her entremets, you may send an e-mail to oohlala@rebeccadisini.com to get a full-listing of her product offerings.
Le musee Kotama abritera, pour sa part, une exposition de fraises, sous toutes ses varietes, tandis que des concours du meilleur patissier ayant prepare des gateaux, des tartes et autres entremets a base de fraises seront organises dans ce meme musee.
Like it or not, this approach continued for Clark who stayed at wd~50 for 2 1/2 years, moving onto entremets and then the fish station.
Menu criollo (caldo de vaca, puchero de vaca, vaca al asador--la Argentina ganadera--; mazamorra, arroz con leche, dulce, queso mantecoso, duraznos del monte, cafe con leche, chocolate, manteca), dispensado en pasos en frances (potage, entree, legumes, roti, entremets sucres, desserts, hors-d'oeuvres) por la experta cocinera mulata de la estancia.
An afternoon tea is also available daily which includes a collection of fusions and flavours, finger sandwiches, eclairs, camel milk entremets, sultana scones and fine varieties of loose teas.
This is a good entremets or dessert ice, and is much liked for garden and evening parties.
One precedent for the entry of a mounted camel was the banquet of the 'Voeu de Faisan' during the famous 1454 'entremets de la Croisade turque' performed in Lille just months following the fall of Constantinople; during this Burgundian entertainment, Sainte-Eglise entered mounted on a camel led by a man 'habilliet en Sarasinois' to complain of 'le Turcks et mescreans'.
Tous ceux qui sont nourris aux lettres scavent bien que le mot de Satyre ne signifie pas seulement un poeme de mesdisance, pour reprendre les vices publiques, ou particuliers de quelqu'un : comme celles de Lucilius, Horace, Juvenal, et Perse : mais aussi toutes sortes d'escrits, remplis de diverses choses et de divers arguments, meslez de proses, et de vers entrelardez, comme entremets de langues de boeufs salees.Varron dit qu'on appelloit ainsi anciennement une facon de pastisserie ou de farce, ou l'on mettoit, plusieurs sortes d'herbages, et de viandes : Mais j'estime que le nom vient des Grecs qui introduisoient sur les eschaffaux aux festes publiques des hommes desguisez en Satyres, qu'on faignoit estre demy-Dieux lascifs et folastres par les forests [...].
54-55), there are five classic variations, which include pate a foncer fine, pate a foncer ordinare, pate a foncer commune, pate a foncer pour entremets, and foncer levee ordinare pour tarts, flans.
Even the presence, in the English translation, of terms like "entree," "entremets," "au bleu" "fricassee" "ragout" "hors d'ceuvre" seems to make French cuisine a timeless reference.
For example, twenty-four pages on 'setting the stage' review such topics as religious plays, entremets, and Lords of Misrule, which had, or might have had, a bearing on early morris (ch.
It was in the thirteenth century that the wealth of buffets and tables of entremets began in earnest.
Orthodocia read this aloud in a displeased manner; then, in spite of the lingering Japanese idea in the garments of Mr Takayanagi's garden party and the indisputably Japanese flavour of the entremets at Mrs Jokichi Tomita's dinner, she made the following statements:
The products known as patisserie are divided into two major categories: "tartes" (pies, normally open) and "entremets" (cakes and special desserts).