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cut of meat taken from between the ribs

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Slice the entrecote on the diagonal and arrange the slices in the sandwich.
Furthermore, the genotypes identified in this study should be supported with phenotypic testing studies on longissimus dorsi muscle (entrecote) in TGC with WBSF device as a subject of future research.
Entrecote, French duck, onion soup and creme brulee are just some of its popular dishes.
STEAKS: Choose ribeye (bone in or out), T-bone and sirloin (entrecote).
Also known as entrecote, sirloin comes from the loin towards the middle of the animal.
It's a miracle that in such a rustic place you can get a menu offering delights such as smoked duck breast with fried egg, cashews, and orange mayonnaise, and entrecote with roasted beets, lemon, red wine jus, and black aioli.
Kokmeijer was also preparing for Thursday's cooking class, were he planned to teach a 30-strong group how to prepare pan-fried scallops, veal entrecote and chocolate moelleux with pina colada ice cream.
There will be entrecote - that's ribeye to you and me - so juicy and fresh the cow doesn't even know it's gone yet.
Poring over the rather poor room-service menu, even I questioned why I would possibly choose en chambre over entrecote, so I plucked up the courage, went next door and uttered the dreaded words: "table for one, please".
(2003) Cash Cows or Entrecote: Publishing Companies and Disruptive Technologies.
This is a point that fits the record of civilization, since the earliest cities date from around 7,000 BC and a very specific part of that development was the city as entrecote, for sales or exchanges.
Eateries: Sample La Caravella's full-bodied dishes - sliced beef entrecote and thick pasta with a duck ragout - are a treat for the taste buds.