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a defense that claims the defendant would not have broken the law if not tricked into doing it by law enforcement officials

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These problems are addressed by the use of an objective approach to entrapment.
She did walk out when she was ambushed - it was entrapment," he added.
We present 2 cases of females presenting with what could be considered urinary leakage, but is actually secondary to vaginal entrapment of bathwater.
According to the interim report, officials of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration ''have drawn no conclusions about additional causes of unintended acceleration in Toyotas beyond the two defects already known -- pedal entrapment and sticking gas pedals.
More entrapment victims may be surviving these incidents due to increased emphasis on safer procedures, such as using an observer during confined space entry, and an increased emphasis on first responder training for grain entrapment extrication.
Mr Pownell said: "To say, do you want guns, we say is entrapment.
Entrapment can result in serious consequences including significant injury or death.
Complications encountered during their use have been well described, including cardiac conduction disturbances, vascular injuries, vessel thrombosis, valvular injuries, catheter knotting, entrapment and pulmonary artery haemorrhage and pulmonary infarction (3-5).
The ASME standard addresses many components, including requirements for ultraviolet (UV) resistance, loading, and multiple potential suction and mechanical entrapment hazards: hair entrapment, limp entrapment, and body suction entrapment.
Entrapment can also occur when a child's hair or swimsuit gets tangled in the drain or an underwater object, such as a ladder.
The entrapment worked and Mike York drove around Death Valley for three days on a goose chase.
The DfT official wrote on November 6 this year: "Lets not forget there are elements of potential entrapment here.
The patented SB Safety Perimeter System, built directly into the SB Safety 100, features a sturdy, raised foam edge that deters side-rail entrapment and falls.
The Irish High Court is to decide whether a health board's use of an underage girl to catch retailers selling cigarettes to minors constitutes entrapment.
Now Baker and his daughter-in-law, Nancy, are speaking out in favor of a congressional bill designed to induce states to mandate safety devices on all pools and hot tubs to prevent entrapment.