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a defense that claims the defendant would not have broken the law if not tricked into doing it by law enforcement officials

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In Mack, the Court unanimously adopted Estey J's view in Amato that entrapment is a procedural defence (stemming from the common law abuse of process doctrine) that results in a stay of proceedings.
Mummy and Me Deluxe Christmas Rudolph Zip Hoody Next has also recalled its Want That Trend Mummy and Me Deluxe Christmas Rudolph Zip Hoody due to a potential entrapment issue.
The NBI set the entrapment where Badinas was promised to get an additional P30,000 investment from the complainant.
Then they agreed to meet again as Patrick and Eric asked for assistance from the police who agreed to conduct the entrapment operation that resulted in the arrest and charging of Jason for violation of R.
On Tuesday morning, the CITF also arrested six mulcting policemen and two civilians during an entrapment operation in Nueva Ecija.
Based on these findings, the entrapment was not amenable to endovascular repair with minimally invasive techniques.
The strategies to increase the entrapment must focus on the two limiting conditions stated before.
Guidewire entrapment is a very rare complication of PCI (occurring in 0.08%) [1].
The original concept of entrapment neuropathy refers to "a peripheral nerve lesion presenting without evident external cause and localized in one of those anatomical zones where the nerve passes through a narrow path".
Keywords: Gout, Cubital tunnel syndrome, Entrapment neuropathy, Uric acid.
Whether working on a dredge, driving a haul truck, or operating a bulldozer, miners are at risk of drowning or entrapment when they work near water.
The Prevalence of Entrapment, Borderline-Entrapment, and
With the complaint, the BOC launched on September 2 an entrapment operation for the arrest of the suspects.
There is also improved understanding in the importance and challenge of managing epiglottic entrapments. For years entrapments were considered a "racehorse" abnormality.
Arguing that cruelty acquires a new meaning in modernity, "The Entrapments of Form: Cruelty and Modern Literature" by Catherine Toal (Professor of Literature and Dean of the College at Bard College Berlin, Germany) follows its evolution through exchanges between French and American literature over the contradictions of Enlightenment (slavery, genocide, libertine aristocratic privilege).