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Synonyms for entrancement

a feeling of delight at being filled with wonder and enchantment


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In De Quincey's case, ambivalence yields a multivalent construct of oriental otherness, one that comprehends both "desire and derision" (Bhabha 67), entrancement and repudiation.
Cocori describes his state of entrancement digesting the perfume of the flower and the girl's sweetness.
The play even carries the implication of female homoeroticism in a scene when Linlee, in a moment of emotional entrancement, attempts to kiss her sister to express her love.
His theological aesthetics, based on the concepts of "form" and "splendor/glory," combines a theme of foundational theology, namely the discovery of the figure of God who reveals Godself (i.e., the issue of how God's revelation can be perceived and received by human beings), and a dogmatic theme, the doctrine of participation in the divine life (in the form of ravishment or entrancement in God's beauty).
Her entrancement with liminality in cultures, genders, and technologies became the basis of her master's thesis, Engendered Machines and Humanbeasts.
Douglas Burnet Smith's Learning to Count stands in the tradition of those poets who, trained at the height of the English Tradition's entrancement with lyricism, nonetheless turned from poetry as entertainment to intellectual activities encompassing complex rhetoric, prose-rhythms, mechanization, and the textual responses of a modern society.
But the allegory only initiates what is more important: Spenser's poetic entrancement.
In fact, romantic love entails a lot of entrancement and requires the ability to manage trance.
(Interview) Van Niekerk adds that such a position is also understandable given events during the Second World War, the fascist rhetorical and musical incitation and the entrancement and training' of whole populations' during this period.
But one race's power of entrancement has survived all changes with potency intact.
"If this fascination, this entrancement with life isn't evoked," Berry says, "then our children won't have the energies needed to sustain the sorrows inherent in our condition.
I saw it in her eyes, the delight, the monkey look of wonder and appeal, the old primitive entrancement, Eve catching a glimpse of her looks in the stream, some lost humanoid way back in Africa gazing at the reflection that would haunt all the rest of us for time to come.
So if the recovery of the ordinary within catastrophe, as advanced by Das and Kleinman, cannot be ascertained directly, then does the entrancement of peripheral vision (looking askance) allow viewers to see the ghosts in the walls of ruinous catastrophe?
Rushdie came up with The Elsinore Vacillation (Hamlet), The Dunsinane Deforestation (Macbeth), The Kerchief Implication (Othello), The Rialto Forfeit (The Merchant of Venice) The Capulet Infatuation (Romeo and Juliet), and The Solstice Entrancement (Midsummer Night's Dream).
To add to the entrancement the reader gets a glimpse of Heaven.