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Synonyms for entrancement

a feeling of delight at being filled with wonder and enchantment


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Van Niekerk adds that such a position is also understandable given events during the Second World War, the fascist rhetorical and musical incitation and the entrancement and training' of whole populations' during this period.
But one race's power of entrancement has survived all changes with potency intact.
If this fascination, this entrancement with life isn't evoked," Berry says, "then our children won't have the energies needed to sustain the sorrows inherent in our condition.
I saw it in her eyes, the delight, the monkey look of wonder and appeal, the old primitive entrancement, Eve catching a glimpse of her looks in the stream, some lost humanoid way back in Africa gazing at the reflection that would haunt all the rest of us for time to come.
So if the recovery of the ordinary within catastrophe, as advanced by Das and Kleinman, cannot be ascertained directly, then does the entrancement of peripheral vision (looking askance) allow viewers to see the ghosts in the walls of ruinous catastrophe?
For whatever reason--the language, the strain of the battered trumpet and guitarrons, the entrancement of the motion itself, small measured steps among the pots--Benson could barely discern whether the priest was marking birth or death, the sprinkled water baptismal or funereal, Christian or pagan, European or American.
Hypnotism is a distancing device bound to make audiences address anew the roles they unthinkingly inhabit on a daily basis; and yet the element of entrancement also renders problematic any suggestion that art is, in fact, providing real illumination of those roles.
A steamy tale of love, desire, entrancement and clashing wills.
Heaney points out that in "The pleasure ground" Murphy makes a connection between his childhood entrancement with this garden and his later realisation that the Connemara coast was the place in which he would write his poetry.
Once we assume life fully, it is through a tender attention to the particular that we enter into belief, for God--in Cording's world--has the lover's entrancement with detail: "the silvery whoosh of cold wind, / The different percussions of rain on wood, on / Metal, thunder ramifying .