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The approved ordinance is the one that increases the entrance fee to Calauit at P300 from the previous P200 per guest on January 7.
Entrance fees are at P450 and P360 for adults and children, respectively from Mondays to Fridays while weekend rates are P550 and P440 for adults and children.
(This is the entrance fee of the importers so that they can be given a certificate of eligibility and an import permit.
But, according to Bateman, she still hadn't received her refundable entrance fee of over $160,000, Bateman said.
The Duke not only has the income from visitors to Alnwick Castle (another 'hefty' entrance fee) but he has his considerable income from Northumberland Estates which buys and sells land and builds large numbers of houses for sale.
'When we organise a muktamar, the entrance fee depends on the size of membership at each area.
Despite the Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) imposing a 1% entrance fee on foreign currency portfolio investments through repatriation, foreigners were the net buyers of Egyptian shares on Sunday, driving the market to new historical peaks.
Dubai Safari Park entrance fee [Asian, African and Arabian Villages]
We pay a daily badge based on the entrance fee, so when courses decide to stage a concert and hike up the admission charge dramatically to cover the cost of the bands, we, along with regular racegoers who want to watch the racing, are hit hard financially.
Cheapest travel month: April | Flight: PS47 | Transport to Wonder: PS8 | Entrance fee: PS9 | Accommodation: PS174 | Food: PS71 | Total: PS309 TAJ MAHAL COMMISSIONED in 1632 by Mughal emperor Shah Jahan, as somewhere beautiful to house his wife's tomb, the Taj Mahal - made from ivorywhite marble, said to change colour with the rising and fading sun - stands in the Indian city of Agra.
Cheapest travel month: November | Flight: PS311 | Transport to Wonder: PS20 | Entrance fee: PS8 | Accommodation: PS79 | Food: PS21 | Total: PS439 PETRA THE ancient city, painstakingly carved into Jordan's 'rose-red' rock and steeped in history, is also a Unesco World Heritage Site, and as well as attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors annually, has inspired numerous writers and film-makers over the years.
| Cheapest travel month: April | Flight: PS486 | Transport to Wonder: PS21 | | | Entrance fee: PS8 | Accommodation: PS425 | Food: PS30 | Total: PS970 CHRIST THE REDEEMER STANDING at 38m tall, this imposing statue is arguably Brazil's most iconic sight; an Art Deco masterpiece that took more than five years to make and weighs 635 metric tons.
Cheapest travel month: May | Flight: PS232 | Transport to Wonder: PS20 | Entrance fee: PS50 | Accommodation: PS247 | Food: PS34 | Total: PS582 GREAT WALL OF CHINA IT'S often said that you can see the Great Wall from space, it's so big.
| Cheapest travel month: April | Flight: PS574 | Transport to Wonder: PS23 | Entrance fee: PS10 | Accommodation: PS315 | Food: PS51 | Total: PS973 the MACHU PICCHU, PERU THOUSANDS don their walking boots to hike the Inca Trail each year, to reach the mountain ridge site of Machu Picchu, which archaeologists believe was built as an estate for Inca emperor Pachacuti in the 1400s and abandoned a century later.
[But] it's the services that come with that entrance fee that are going to be a change for the consumer.