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Police arrested the organiser who did not own the house and was charging people an entrance fee, and a charge for drinks -- without the necessary permits.
Two of this year's talks were outstanding, at least pounds 12 at Hay prices - John Davies, on Ten Places in the Vale to See Before You Die, and Geraint H Jenkins on Iolo Morganwg, they alone would have justified the entrance fee.
In an interview, Director Environment, CDA, Muhammad Irfan said the organization will seek approval of the CDA Board and the entrance fee will be charged after its consent.
I understand in February the Church of England Synod will ask for authority to abolish entrance fees to cathedrals.
ON planning my trip to the Coral Welsh Grand National, I was informed that the minimum entrance fee is pounds 15.
The issue considered by the Service was whether the "high" refundable entrance fee of the first plan was subject to Sec.
DEVELOPMENT RISK: The debt structure of the series 2013 issue elevates the development and fill risk as the series 2013B bonds are intended to be temporary debt and redeemed from entrance fees collected on the new ILUs at Terraces of Los Altos, which is expected to generate an entrance fee pool of $77 million.
Capitol Reef National Park is joining national parks across the county in waiving entrance fees four days in 2018 as a way to encourage people to get outdoors and learn from the natural world.
On Tuesdays, there is no entrance fee although on normal days, all Manila residents with valid IDs can get in at half the price.
It occurred to us that, in these days of austerity and cutbacks, a considerable revenue could be raised from non-residents of Wales paying an entrance fee to this and other heritage sites.
I wonder how many of those complaining about the entrance fee have actually contributed to the cathedral's finances?
A daily entrance fee of only pounds 10 provided the opportunity to enjoy exciting and varied events which are unique and attract many of us who no longer reside in Wales.
We donate a portion of each girl's entrance fee to the American Cancer Society for breast cancer research.
IMPROVING ILU OCCUPANCY AND SOLID ENTRANCE FEE GENERATION: The Positive Outlook reflects JKV's improved independent living (ILU) occupancy from 83% in fiscal 2010 to 86% at Nov.
All was well until she visited the cathedral where they attempted to charge her an entrance fee of pounds 3 per head (including children).