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Real time X-ray video and modern flow simulations are confirming the strong influence that splashing, air entrainments, surface turbulence and other flow characteristics have on the formation and severity of defects.
Splashing, air entrainment and surface turbulence have a strong influence on the formation and severity of defects.
Air entrainment occurs when bubbles of air passing through the metal form trails or strings of oxides that remain trapped below the surface of the casting (Fig.
Laboratory pilot-plant tests with a CMS unit showed higher aqueous inorganic entrainments at high volumetric throughputs, so during 1987 and 1988, Davy McKee operated a single-stage CMS pilot plant at a copper mine using the same solutions as the main solvent extraction plant.
Aqueous inorganic and organic in aqueous entrainments were comparable with those of the commercial plant.